With the arrival of the games of eighth generation now at the door, the animated series should also include the introduction of a further dedicated season. And with regards to this, as shown in the last episode of the anime of Sole and Luna broadcast in Japan, it would seem that in the next episode coming this week (and from the title Guzma the Undefeated! ) some exclusive details and information regarding the season Sword and Shield Pokémon can actually be announced

It is also suggested by Joe Merrick , an authoritative and reliable source for everything that surrounds the world of pocket monsters. In the last episode, in fact, during the usual preview summaries aimed at coming episodes, it was announced that a great announcement – not well specified about what – will be shown in the episode of Sunday September 1st 2019.

At the moment, however, no other information has been leaked on the net. Consequently, to know if it could really be a big announcement dedicated to the anime series dedicated to Pokémon Sword and Shield , we just have to wait for further developments regarding the matter – and maybe follow the anime in Japanese live.


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