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To Venice 76 was the day of Ad Astra , the highly anticipated new film by James Gray with protagonist Brad Pitt in the role of an astronaut, Roy McBride, who despite himself finds himself on the trail of his father H. Clifford ( Tommy Lee Jones ), disappeared in the depths of the Universe. At the beginning of the story, d somewhere in the galaxy, an electric space is discharging its force at supersonic speed, threatening the survival of the Earth and putting its inhabitants at risk, and the Major interpreted by the star has the task of guiding the mission that should get rid of the problem

The situation, however, immediately takes a more complicated turn than expected: man is in fact the highly decorated son of the man who left twenty-nine years before beyond the boundaries of the Earth to look for signs of life on Neptune , putting himself in the field of the dangerous and top secret Lima mission to search for alien life forms . He has not heard from her for sixteen years, but Roy is informed, to his utter dismay, that the parent may still be alive

«The film is inspired in some way by a quote I read on the wall of an exhibition – tells the director James Gray at a press conference -, said so: “History and myth begin always in the personal microcosm “. Brad and I tried to tell the smallest possible story, but against the background of the macrocosm. Cinema is obviously a collective art: there are painting, dance and even literature. Maybe I'm a little old-fashioned, but I really believe in fiction and I like to steal from the best. The character of Tommy Lee Jones in the film cites Moby Dick from Herman Melville , to letter. Which is why some will say that I am ancient, but I really believe in the archetypal strength of the Myth “.

Ad Astra also mentions another classic of American literature such as Heart of Darkness of Joseph Conrad , already at the base of Apocalypse Now by Coppola, and not by chance is a film dark and intimate , capable of inserting atmospheres and themes from tragedy Greek in a solitary and desperate adventure on the borders of the solar system , in which the faults of the fathers fall hopelessly on fate sons. Themes already dear to the director, who in the past had explored them in many of his works, including the family and police drama The masters of the night .

The meeting with Gray's cinema, according to Pitt's statements, has long been postponed before finding the right project to give birth to a collaboration: « James and I have been friends since years' 90, since the time of Little Odessa , and for some time we wanted to do something together. When the processing of Ad Astra started, he had just finished Civilization Lost and presented this script to my partners to make the film (which Pitt also produced with his Plan B, ed. ). His vision was very intriguing to me as a man, father and son . The story is so delicate that our constant effort was to maintain a balance, both in rhythm and in the narrative voice. We wanted something subtle and delicate. “

«We all carry something pure from childhood on, but if you are not sincere with yourself then you won't even be sincere with the viewer – continues Pitt -, James sent me emails in the morning with ideas that came from the his personal life and this allowed us to have a very open dialogue on the representation of individual scenes. We have also reflected on masculinity, on how often men keep out pain and shame and tend to remove it . Both James and I, after all, were weaned from the films of the years 70 , from those characters who were neither good nor bad but simply human . It is the same complexity that I find in the world, where not everything is white or black, and which I try to bring back into the films I do “.

The film, which also sees in the cast Liv Tyler , Donald Sutherland and Ruth Negga , the next one will be released in our rooms 26 September .

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