Con Marriage Story , the director Noah Baumbach brings to the Lido the intense portrait of the end of a marriage and a family. The film is played by Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver as protagonists; in the cast there are also Laura Dern, Alan Alda and Ray Liotta (the film will be available on Netflix).

A very intense film – the director said – after a few shots I had to move away and distance myself because I struggled to get away from some scenes. I focused on Nicole and Charlie, the two characters who, as they separate, begin to look at their marriage from the outside and also appreciate what they experienced. The film begins when the couple is already separated but the two protagonists do not know that they are destined to move further and further away. Writing the script, I inserted myself into the spaces and everyday life of Nicole and Charlie; I tried to make people understand that, even if they divorce, there is always the underlying love that is what they had built their life together
For Scarlett Johansson one of the strengths of the film “ is that it tells themes and events in which so many can be recognized. This film happened at a particular moment in my life; when Noah contacted me, without revealing the reason, I was actually divorcing. It was incredible to share the whole process with him and with the cast. My character is an actress and, perhaps, the reason she moves away from her director's husband is that he doesn't recognize her in this role “.
For Adam Driver “Noah's scripts are high level and very concise. Before the film we talked a lot and so we managed to get into the depths of the story which is also very theatrical “.

Baumbach also explained, as this story was inspired by his personal story, because his parents divorced when he was a teenager. “ I have drawn on my story, but I also built the divorce scenario with the actors. And I think, however, that even if two spouses separate, they remain connected. Moreover, as Scarlett herself said, while talking about a separation, it is a love story in all respects. Furthermore, I have mixed several genres: the screwball comedy, the musical, the drama … We have created something very intense

Driver also explained how much preparation the couple's fight scene in Los Angeles required: “I knew that scene was fundamental and I was counting the days that separated me from that scene and I was worried in part. In the end that day came and we built that scene together, trying to give our best. “

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