Despite the not exactly positive opinions of the critics, the live-action of Aladdin was a real success at the box office around the world, exceeding a billion dollars and thrilling the vast public that has always been emotionally tied to the classic Disney del 1992.

As we know, the animated counterpart had two sequels after the success of the initial chapter: the first – of 1994 – entitled The return of Jafar , while the second – arrived in 1996 – entitled Aladdin and the king of thieves . And apparently, even the recent live-action directed by Guy Ritchie could have a sequel.

The producer Dan Lin revealed to CB that a new Aladdin film would currently be under discussion at Disney:

“We have it in mind. When we initially made the film, we simply wanted to make the best product possible, leaving the public the chance to let us know if they wanted to see more. And now we know that's what they want. Many have seen the film more than once, and we have received letters from people who have returned to the cinema with friends and relatives. So we feel that there is more to tell. We want to do the same thing we did with the original Aladdin, and not make a remake scene by scene of everything that has already been done in the past. We are looking at old jobs and home video products, and thanks to this material we can say that there are other stories to tell. So, without revealing too much, I can say that we will explore the directions we can still take with this franchise. “

Basically therefore, nothing certain, but from the words of Dan Lin it would seem to reveal a certain optimism for the future of Aladdin. We therefore only have to wait for any announcements from Disney. Would you like a sequel to the Guy Ritchie film?

The article Aladdin 2: Disney will make a sequel to the recent live-action? comes from Best Movie .


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