Alessandra Mastronardi

The godmother of the Venice Film Festival 2019 is Alessandra Mastronardi , the beautiful Neapolitan actress who with her romantic and elegant charm is bewitching audiences and critics from all over the world. He is one of the most beloved faces in Italian cinema but, also because of his renowned confidentiality, not many really know him.

So here's 10 curiosity about this beautiful and sophisticated actress , godmother of 76 th edition of the famous kermesse lagoon.

All about Alessandra Mastronardi

Alessandra Mastronardi - L'Allieva
Alessandra Mastronardi – The Allieva

It is Neapolitan but also a little Roman

Alessandra Mastronardi was born in Naples on 18 February 1986 . His father is originally from Agnone (Isernia), while his Neapolitan mother. At the age of 5, however, she moved to Rome where she finished her studies graduating in Literature and Philosophy at La Sapienza.

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Alessandra Mastronardi is engaged

The young actress was engaged by 2011 to the 2018 with the Irish actor Liam McMahon . Before Liam, Alessandra partnered with Roman actor Vinicio Marchioni. Now the actress is linked to her colleague Ross McCall

She loves simplicity

Although always elegant and breathtaking outfit, Alessandra Mastronardi loves simplicity

Simplicity is the basis of everything . At the end of the day if you feel good about yourself, you don't need anything. You don't have to depend on the power of a dress to dress yourself. You wear the dress, it's not the other way around. It's not just a designer, it's not just fashion, it's a philosophy. It's a life style.

It was the face of many commercials

Probably not everyone knows that Alessandra Mastronardi has been the star of many commercials since her youth. Here is the break advertising aired in 2002 for Parmalat.

Parmalat Spot with Alessandra Mastronardi

Alessandra Mastronardi is part of the Netflix universe

Also our Alessandra has landed on Netflix; Alessandra is in fact a face of Master of None , the TV series directed by created by Alan Yang and Aziz Ansari, who is also the protagonist. The role earned her a Critics' Choice Television Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series

He is a lover of social networks

The beautiful godmother of the Venice Film Festival this year loves social networks. To stay close to the fans has an official profile on Instagram that updates frequently uploading photographs that portray it at work but also in everyday life.

Change style frequently

Yes, it does not have a style in the sense that it enjoys changing it frequently depending on the mood and the phase it is experiencing.

My personal style is a continuous evolution. I see that I had a different style at every age and period of my life. It is difficult for me to say what my style is because I change constantly. Change every eight months, it's so strange.

Alessandra Mastronardi participated in a music video

In past years the godmother of the Venice Film Festival has also taken part in a music video clip. Let's talk about You're Well Like You're of the Hands Group. In the video the actress is together with Matteo Branciamore, her boyfriend in the television series I Cesaroni .

He debuted a lot young

Many know this actress for her latest work efforts such as Crime Novel e The Allieva , but in reality Alessandra made her debut as a very young actress: at the age of 12 years he starred in the television series Amico Mio 2 and subsequently participated in several shows including A doctor in the family, I Cesaroni, Don Matteo and The great To rino .

He has many passions

Le his main passions are only music, cooking and shopping. How long regards musical tastes, we cite his mania for Italian music years '60. Love it! would you have ever said?


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