In Avengers: Endgame we all got acquainted with Smart Hulk , a being with the mighty force of the green monster but with the intelligence of Bruce Banner . The direct transformation, however, was not shown at all, and remained suspended somewhere during the time jump.

And yet, know that these were not the original plans: according to what the co-writer Christopher Markus said, in fact, the transformation of Banner in Smart Hulk should have already happened during the battle of Wakanda in Avengers: Infinity War ! He explained our: “We had written Infinity War, we shot it, and then we shot most of Endgame. And the thing was: Banner became one with the Hulk while he was inside the Hulkbuster, jumping out, and kicking Cull Obsidian in the ass. But it didn't work. He was wrong at the time of the film. It seemed like a victory, but we were heading towards an overwhelming defeat, and it was out of tune. But we had now shot Endgame in which he was already Smart Hulk “.

In short, now you have understood why there is this incomplete feeling in the evolution of the character played by Mark Ruffalo ? Because it is really broken because it is cut! The transformation of Hulk, we remember, did not convince all the fans, but nevertheless, it would seem that the character will return again during the future projects of Marvel Studios, and in this regard, there are those who are speculating that the superhero could be at the center of a new series for the streaming platform Disney : what do you think?

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