With the release in Home Video of Avengers: Endgame , it was really a matter of time before the most picky fans would go in search of hidden easter eggs, errors or oversights by directors and production. And as they say: who seeks finds; although in this case it must have taken quite a while before finding such an imperceptible detail as the one we are going to show you.

A fan has indeed identified a small inaccuracy – in the final battle scene – concerning the look of Doctor Strange . If you look very carefully, during the battle the character of Benedict Cumberbatch never wears the Eye of Agamotto ; a detail that we can see by giving a simple glance to the hero in any shot of the battle. Any but one, very short, in which instead – inexplicably – he wears it around his neck.

The scene is placed a few seconds before the famous moment when Cap exclaims “united ”, thus giving way to the attack by Avengers and all the other heroes appeared on the battlefield. It is really a single visible frame for a fraction of a second, which – however – the user managed to extrapolate and post on the web. Take a look yourself.


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Article Avengers: Endgame, a fan has discovered an imperceptible error concerning Doctor Strange [FOTO] comes from Best Movie .


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