Avengers: Endgame

Five months have now passed since the release of Avengers: Endgame . Five months in which he talked and talked about the cinecomic of the brothers Russian , which thanks to his global success and the ability to attract an audience of all kinds and ages, has inevitably attracted numerous criticisms and as many praise

The spectators were in fact divided between those who appreciated the epilogue of the choral adventure begun with Infinity War , and who – on the other hand – would have preferred a completely different character and comic book management. But in retrospect, what will the Russo brothers think about it? Is there anything they would change about Endgame?

In a recent interview, the two authors were asked if – being able to go back in time just like their heroes – they would do everything in the same way, without changing some details of the film. Perhaps one of the most criticized ones. And their response was clear and very simple: absolutely not

The Russians explain:

“If in the end we came to regret something, it would mean that we did not do our job well. When we make a film we work on it for a year, so if for example we shoot something in two months, at a distance of three others we can look at it in the editing room and realize that we don't like it. Maybe for the performance, the tone, the mood or the emotions. Then we will do it again. […] The only limit is the amount of sleep you need to recover your energy. And we really don't regret anything. We are happy with the final result. “

In short, even being able to use the Gem of Time, their film would remain exactly as it is. And what do you think? Would you change anything in Endgame?

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