Dickinson: Trama, trailer e prime immagini della nuova serie Apple

One of the TV series on which Apple's new streaming service, Apple TV in fact, aims a lot is Dickinson , a modern take on the life of the American poet. Famous for being a loner, whose poetry addresses issues such as love and death, Emily Dickinson is also known to oppose traditions.

Dickinson : Introduction and TV series trailer

Dickinson: Trama, trailer e prime immagini della nuova serie Apple

Dickinson is a comedy set in the nineteenth century , characterized by a contemporary sensibility, the TV series will show the social and gender restrictions of the time, told by a writer, who did not want to adapt to them. Emily Dickinson will be played by Hailee Steinfeld , at her first experience in an important role, destined for the small screen

The first teaser trailer , recently released, implies that all colors will follow: on notes of I Like Tuh Carnage & iLoveMakonnen, the video shows a Emily Dickinson committed to doing what she wants, that is, having fun, ignoring what others expect from her.

Steinfeld is certainly no stranger to complex characters , which show the proverbial middle finger to authority and traditions: we have, in fact, already seen in rebel roles like Charlie in Bumblebee , who did not care to follow the rules; fought the rigidity of adolescence in The Edge of Seventeen with Nadin; and we cannot forget the performance that earned her an Oscar for Mattie Ross in Il Grinta

dickinson serie tv

Scholars have observed that the fact that Dickinson never married does not mean she was a single woman: research revealed its relationship with Susan Gilbert , childhood friend and later sister-in-law, after her marriage with Austin Dickinson.

The executive producer Alena Smith , who previously worked on The Affair and The Newsroom ; while at the direction there will be David Gordon Green ( Halloween ).

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Dickinson's trailer

Dickinson's cast

Jane Krakowski ( Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt ) e Toby Huss ( Glow ) will be the parents of the poet; Ella Hunt ( Anna and the Apocalypse ) will play Sue Gilbert, her friend (and perhaps something more) of long standing; the young Samuel Farnsworth , Anna Baryshnikov and Allegra Heart complete the rest of the party of revelers.

The TV series will be released on November 1st , although it is not known still the precise date.


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