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Now very little is missing at the official launch of the Disney Plus channel, the competitor number one of Netflix of the House of Mickey Mouse . Unlike its main rivals – let's not forget to add to the list also Amazon Prime or, for Italy, TIMVision – the streaming platform will have some features that aim to make it different. Independent, if you will, from the stereotype now widespread thanks to Netflix.

Let's discover then all the features of the Disney platform and how we will be able, one day, to take advantage of its multiple advantages

Disney Plus: Released in Italy and worldwide

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Unlike what was assumed at the beginning, the Disney Plus platform will not be launched simultaneously all over the world. The US release is scheduled for 12 November . World circulation is instead planned for the next two years. Specifically: Western Europe and the regions facing the Pacific of the Asian continent for end 2019 . The east Europe and the Latin America should be added to the list during 2020 .

This means that, respecting the lineup of launch hypothesized by Disney, the streaming platform should arrive in Italy in December 2019 or, at worst, in the early months of 2020 . One of the main reasons for a phased launch was motivated, as already reiterated by Disney, by the various agreements signed in the various countries for Disney content (as for example with Netflix). This also means that, at least in the beginning, catalogs of Disney Plus content will be different , net of the original TV series and films, which will be distributed everywhere

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During D 23 Expo 2019, Disney's CEO, Bob Iger , announced that the platform will launch the same in Canada and the Netherlands 12 November . Il 19 November will arrive in Australia and New Zealand.

Cost and season tickets

From the moment that the release date of Disney Plus has not yet been announced in Italy it is difficult to estimate the cost of the platform. We know that the c Disney monthly fee will be $ 7 a month, or 70 $ per year .

The simplest yardstick for hypothesizing the cost in Italy are the Netherlands , where the monthly pass will cost € 7 or the annual one, of 70 € total annual .

Il price, much lower than the main competitors of the platform, including Netflix, is dictated , as explained also by Bob Iger, from a catalog less “full bodied” than the others. Actually, Disney can boast many products but few “originals” , or specifically created for the stream platform ing. An element that, in the coming years, will surely be fundamental for the eventual change in the subscription price, monthly and yearly.

When will it arrive in Italy?

The arrival in Italy, as revealed on the occasion del D 23 Expo 2019, should be provided at the turn of 2019 and the 2020. It is therefore probable that the platform will arrive in Italy in December 2019 or in January 2020 .

What will be included in the catalog

disney plus streaming

Unlike what might be expected, at the launch of the Disney platform it is unlikely that all films, TV series and cartoons from Casa di Mickey Mouse are available . The reason is simple: rights.

One of the elements discussed during D 23 Expo 2019 in fact, it was the content catalog that the platform will make available to its users . Depending on the agreements previously signed in the various countries, it is possible that the catalog presents only a part of its cartoons or historical films . As these rights expire, Disney Plus will have an ever richer and more complete catalog

The situation is different for TV series and original films, whose release is expected only and directly on Disney . The latter will be available immediately and wherever there is a chance to watch Disney

The episodes will be released one at a time

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An element to be reckoned with in the new Mickey Mouse House project is the method with which the TV series will be shared with their user base. With Netflix, but also Amazon Prime, we are used to a massive release of TV series episodes. Usually on Friday.

Disney Plus announced that episodes of the TV series Disney originals will have a weekly release . A system that will certainly allow to better explore the content, giving users time to discuss it in depth and in depth , without too many possibilities of spoilers.

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Others have noted, rightly, that in the initial months the “weekly” method could be a good compromise for not leaving that users leave the platform due to lack of content. With weekly episodes they will somehow be “forced” to renew the season ticket, month after month.

Here are the Marvel TV series that will be available on Disney Plus

marvel fase 4 vedova nera film
Credits: Marvel

A major component of the Disney Plus catalog will be composed of TV series and Marvel films. The agreement between the comic book giant known as MCU and Mickey Mouse's house will bring to the platform catalog i content currently partially available on Netflix . In addition to the Marvel films, of course, there will also be the new TV series announced by Kevin Feige for the Phase 4 of the MCU.

Disney Plus will be, between the others, the house of: T he Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Wanda and Vision, What If … , Loki, Hawkeye . In addition, three TV series recently announced on the occasion of the D 23: She Hulk, Moon Knight and Ms. Marvel.

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The Star Wars franchise

the mandalorian

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Another significant component of the platform Disney Plus will certainly be made up of the contents of the Star Wars saga . In addition to the films of the original trilogy – episodes IV, V and VI – and those of the new trilogy – episodes I, II and III , there will be two new films starring Daisy Riley and single films. In particular Solo – A Star Wars Story is Rogue One .

Once Star Wars: Episode IX will be released at the cinema, of course, also the latter will be added to the list of Star Wars-themed content on the platform.

Check out the official trailer for the Disney streaming platform


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