As announced to San Diego Comic-Con , among the various films that will make up Phase 4 of the UCM there will also be the second chapter dedicated to the adventures of Stephen Strange , or the cinecomic in horror hues that, to tell the truth, turns out to be intriguing already from the title: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness .

But to have made the ears of the fans stand up, there would be above all a very interesting detail of the plot : Elizabeth Olsen will join the protagonist returning to take on the role of Wanda Maximoff . And clearly, the theories about its role within the film are spreading like wildfire as always.

One of the most interesting – and has become viral in the last few days – concerns the possibility that instead of partnering with Strange as an ally, Scarlet Witch may instead turn out to be the real villain of this adventure. The theory is based on the fact that the film will follow the events of the series WandaVision , during which – it is assumed – events could occur that will leave the heroine psychologically upset, leading her into a fragile and unstable mental state. On the other hand, even in the comics Wanda was the victim of nervous breakdowns that led her to completely lose control of her powers; and considering that among its abilities there is also that of creating new dimensions, it is clear that the consequences of its crisis can be really dangerous.

In essence, therefore, it could be just her to give life to this “multiverse of madness”, forcing Doctor Strange to work to resolve the situation. This is certainly a fascinating theory, and considering that it would lead the character of Wanda to follow a cinematic development more faithful to that of the comics, to us it seems also quite plausible. What do you think about it?

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The article Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: and if it were Scarlet Witch the villain of the cinecomic? comes from Best Movie .


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