20 coppie più belle di Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy is one of the longest-running series (the first episode was broadcast in 2005!) of the television panorama.

Have you ever wondered how they manage to have such a great and constant success? The fans are the pillars of the TV series, the true pioneers of Grey's Anatomy always faithful and active. But the reason why this TV series is so popular is because even after so many years there are the love stories that manage to hit the soul of the spectator.

We love them all, from the occasional couple to the most epic “ love story” : because when one of these couples breaks out we are very sick. How many tears did you shed for Derek's death? Too many. So we thought of making a ranking and gathering the most beautiful couples here Of Grey's Anatomy!

Look at 20 most beautiful couples of Grey's Anatomy

20. Maggie and Jackson

maggie e jackson

Difficult to talk about a ranking of the pairs of Grey's Anatomy without mentioning that a little atypical (but no less beautiful) made up of Maggie Pierce and Jackson. Assuming that no story can ever be epic like the one between Jackson and April , Maggie was a beautiful presence next to the family's scion Avery. The two contributed to the professional and personal growth of the other, with truly romantic moments that consecrated them among the constellations of the most beautiful couples of Shonda Rhimes' production.

They too, like many others, were separated by time and circumstances – the sixteenth season of the series TV has claimed victims, let's face it! But it will be nice to remember them together. Maggie, the force of nature , heir to Richard Webber and Ellis Gray, and Jackson, the star of plastic surgery and son of Catherine Avery. Well!

19. Callie and Erica

It was born as a friendship but then it turns into something more. Callie discovers that she is attracted to women and this is a very pass important for his story as a character. For this reason, Erica's character (however obnoxious) is fundamental in Callie's storyline. The two may not be the apotheosis of perfection but they are fundamental in the history of the show.

18. George and Callie

migliori coppie di Grey's Anatomy

Just as George sprains his shoulder and the sexy orthopedic surgery intern takes care of him, the life of both has a turning point. George, after Meredith's disappointment , finally finds a person who he loves him and their relationship is booming. At least for a while. After all, if we learned one thing is that the pairs of Grey's Anatomy they are not all made to last!

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17. Cristina and Burke

coppie di grey's anatomy

One of the first most beautiful couples of Grey's Anatomy . Cristina was just a trainee when she fell in love with Preston Burke, the cardio surgeon of the hospital. His superior, of course. Their relationship had started with a coffee and ended at the altar. Literally, because Christina is left there, alone and disconsolate, in the episode 25 of the third season.

16. April and Matthew

coppie grey's anatomy

It was impossible to cheer for April and Matthew, especially with the Jackson-April couple in the first line. The doctor had left the paramedic on the altar to escape with Jackson. But the story between the two hadn't worked. So, in circumstances far from ideal – after tears and betrayals, children and husbands, wives, death and feelings of guilt (and whoever has more put them) – the two met again.

A wife, a child and an almost fatal accident later, the fourteenth season helped the two to crown their love. We obviously know that Matthew was the pretext to get April out of the scene but despite this it is nice to know that his character has found the happiness he has (always) deserved. Even if he hasn't been with Jackson.

15 . Alex and Ava / Rebecca

migliori coppie di Grey's Anatomy

There were three fundamental women in Alex Karev's life: Izzie, Jo and Ava. Each has had an impact on his life and career, each has been indispensable for his growth as a doctor and as a person. Just remember Alex in the early years of Grey's Anatomy – he wasn't exactly the best friend we all wanted, right?

Ava was a patient who had lost her memory . Alex a trainee who, in his months of recovery, had fallen in love with her. He had stayed with her even after discovering that she had a husband. Unfortunately, Rebecca's emotional instability (which, if it was discovered, was the real name of Ava) had forced him to put an end to their relationship definitively. After all, she was not the right woman for Alex.

14. Meredith and Andrea (Deluca)

meredith e andrew deluca

There is little to do: Meredith and Derek will always remain the couple par excellence (or almost) of Grey's Anatomy . However, it must be considered that it is not possible to remain too attached to the past and to learn to look beyond. That's why the couple – tender, I would add – Meredith and DeLuca deserve a very right 11 mo place in this ranking.

He is not the typical macho, although the appearance and have your arms all there. She needed someone who recognized her role as woman and mother , even after a significant loss like Derek's. DeLuca has been able to stand by her even when justice has risked bringing them away from her medical license, which is more important to her than anything else. They are romantic together, what else to say?!

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13. Owen and Amelia

owen e amelia

Complicated and messed up, but fantastic. There is little to not love in the couple of Grey's Anatomy composed of Dr. Owen and Dr. Amelia Gray, sister of the late Derek and, by extension, of Meredith.

They both went through a lot and tried to understand each other. Even though they were strong and their bond grew day by day, they broke up in the season 14. It took Owen's desire to become a father and the Amelia's maternal instinct to bring them back together in the season 15. But then Teddy and his return to the limelight prevailed and this couple also greeted us with the speed of the Titanic that hit the iceberg. Ah Shonda – you won't let us pass one, won't you?

12. Miranda and Ben

migliori coppie di Grey's Anatomy

One of the solid couples of the tv series. They got married in the ninth season and they never lost the passion and love for each other. An example for many flash pairs of the series.

Of course, the authors have put them aside a bit in recent times but, especially now, with Miranda's anxieties in the foreground , with Ben protagonist of the spin-off of the TV series, it is evident that even only still on the crest of the wave. Miranda's latest pregnancy and now her menopausal problems can only be an indicator.

11. Richard and Catherine

coppie di grey's anatomy

Two strong personalities, but not incompatible with this. Catherine Avery (later Fox, seen and considered the unpleasant implications from Jackson's grandfather's storyline) is a strong and very proud woman. Richard is reliable, a rock to lean on.

Although the two often clashed, affection and compromise were fundamental in the end to make them overcome all adversities. Especially during Catherine's illness , not a small test for their relationship.

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10. Alex and Izzie

Alex was a problematic boy, who had no clear ideas. He was just messed up before meeting Izzie Stevens. But with her his life has changed: their relationship has made him mature, making him the man he is now. Their wedding was one of the most beautiful of the whole series tv.

Unfortunately real life always stands in the way of happy end of the couples on screen, and the couples of Grey's Anatomy are no exception. Goodbye Izzie – don't miss us!

9. Izzie and George

Not necessarily the value of a couple is related to the love sphere, they are the example. George and Izzie are bound by a very strong friendship and when they try to make it become something more they realize that it is not what they really want. In short, this is not what their relationship needs. Instead of ruining the their beautiful bond they manage to return friends. A something not for everyone, which shows how much they really care about each other.

8. Jo and Alex

After the disappearance of Izzie , Alex had only had disappointments . He believed that the great love of his life had disappeared forever. But when Jo Wilson arrived at the hospital (what was her name at the time?) He finally found a new love . Jo is Alex's perfect counterpart. The two understand each other, complement each other , they are both a little crazy .

They had their share of problems after Alex attacked De Luca (mistakenly). But everything is good what ends well and the wedding by boat it was a perfect happy ending for these two!

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7. Izzie and Danny

One of most beautiful couples of Grey's anatomy that broke my heart . At the time we were unaware of all the sufferings and joys that we would have suffered by following this TV series. Denny's death was the first time we cried for an episode (maybe?). Izzie made an immense f atica to recover from mourning and in fund has never forgotten it.

6. Cristina and Owen

There is no way to forget the love story between Cristina and Owen . Because there is romance and then there are the two of them. Two strong personalities both, but their love was a magnetic force that pushed them to always approach like magnets. But there are things that are made to last, others to finish. They are unfortunately part of the second category.

5. April and Jackson

Capable of fighting and making peace over five minutes, the Japril was one of the most beautiful couples of Grey's Anatomy. One of the most beautiful couples of always, point. They have been cooked and raw but the feeling has always been strong and sincere .

Grey's Anatomy , however, is first of all realism . They too have not been able to survive the difficulties of the time and eventually their ways separated. But we can never, and say never , forget them.

4. Callie and Arizona

When we saw the couple being born we believed that this story would never end but in Grey's Anatomy nothing goes as you expect. Callie and Arizona remain one of the most beautiful couples in Grey's Anatomy , there is no doubt about this. Perhaps it could be objected that their relationship was not managed in the best way , in its final notes, but the journey is important – isn't it?

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3. Mark and Lexie

He the friend “casanova” of Derek, she the “little Gray” . This should be enough to describe and remember the story between Lexie and Mark , which has had many ups and downs but has remained among the most stoic and epic couples of Grey's Anatomy.

At the beginning nobody would have bet on their story and yet it was the episodes (and the seasons) that proved that it was a strong and passionate love. The two doctors never stopped loving each other, even when they were dating other people. Just thinking about Lexie Mark gives Jackson his epic speech , before dying:

“If you love someone, tell them. [..] Say it out loud. And then start from there. “.

I I'm crying? No, it is you who are crying!

2. Derek and Meredith

migliori coppie di Grey's Anatomy

Obviously in the (almost) first place there are them: the MerDer, one of the most beautiful couples of Grey's Anatomy. Indeed, it could be called THE couple par excellence of the TV series and, larger, the television serial of the last 20 years. Because the relationship between Derek Shepard and Meredith Gray is probably among the few of the TV series that can boast such an intense and profound story. They are irreplaceable, unique, since the epic confession Take me, choose me, love me – that it has now entered history.

But wait a moment: this is not the first place. Meredith and Derek are on the second … but then?

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1. Meredith and Cristina

The most beautiful pair of Grey's Anatomy ! They have shown that friendship is the fundamental pillar of life . They supported each other for 11 seasons and they made us smile, cry and move more than any other couple. Who has never told anyone their emblematic phrase “You are my person.” ?

What do you think of our ranking of the most beautiful couples of Grey's Anatomy? Did we forget someone?

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