According to what reported by the Cosmic MCU website, often and reliably reliable for everything concerning the Marvel Cinematic Universe , i Marvel Studios of Kevin Feige are considering the idea of ​​making a reboot for The Inhumans .

The characters appeared some time ago in a television series of the same name, which although it was produced by the US network ABC was still part of the canon of the MCU , similar to the famous show Agents of SHIELD . Unlike the spin-off on agent Coulson and his secret agents, however, Inumani did not achieve the expected success, and after very low ratings and even more negative criticisms, the series was canceled shortly after the first episode aired.

According to the rumor the new project linked to Medusa, Freccia Nera and to the others would not in any way be a sequel to the ABC TV series, but a real reboot (it would be the first internal reboot for the MCU): it would even be almost a necessity, given that some of the new characters announced, such as Ms. Marvel – which will have its own series for Disney – and the Celestials – who will appear next year in The Eternals of Chloé Zhao – in the comics Marvel Comics are closely related to the Inhumans.

In any case, always to give credit to MCU Cosmic, this time it would not be a new mini-series, but a feature film for the cinema hall

We await official denials or confirmations

Source: MCU Cosmic

Photo: © Disney / Marvel Studios

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