Jennifer Lawrence nel film Red Sparrow

You are a huge fan of Jennifer Lawrence ? This top 10 is for you because it will help you to discover ten interesting facts about the actress of Joy and Hunger Games . Enjoy the reading!

Jennifer Lawrence in Hunger Games
Jennifer Lawrence in Hunger Games

Everything we know about Jennifer Lawrence

It has various nicknames

As a child Jennifer Lawrence was called Nitro, while during the shooting of the first Hunger Games on the set was for everyone Katpiss Neverclean . Source:

Participated in the My Super Sweet promo 16

Remember My Super Sweet 16 , MTV's old reality show? Well Jennifer has participated in some promo!

He did the auditions for Twilight

Yes, according to what published by the beautiful protagonist of Hunger Games participated to the auditions of the saga Twilight for the role of Bella. The character of the protagonist was then won by Kristen Stewart.

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He took part in a music video

In the far 2009 the actress participated in The Mess I Made , video of the pop rock band Parachute.

She's a fan of Game of Thrones – The Throne of Swords

Second Jennifer is a fan of Game of Thrones – The Throne of Swords because when he met Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister) on the set of X-Men is like crazy with joy. But who would have done the opposite?

She is a bow and arrow sorceress thanks to an exceptional coach

To prepare for the role of Katniss in the saga Hunger Games and become a bow and arrow expert, the actress trained four times with the Olympic champion Khatuna Lorig.

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He participated in Cold Case

Before becoming famous, Jennifer participated in an episode of the television series Cold Case – Unresolved Crimes aired in 2007. Among the other TV series in which he participated we also mention Monk in 2006, Medium between the 2007 and the 2008 e The Bill Engvall Show between 2007 and the 2009.

She is a Britney Spears fan

According to reports , the actress would have a huge passion for video Slave 4 U by Britney Spears.

Jennifer Lawrence in Red Sparrow
Jennifer Lawrence in Red Sparrow

His parents are not from the American showbiz

Unlike other Hollywood stars, Jennifer is not the daughter of actors or directors. His mother Karen worked as camp manager while his father Gary owned a construction company (Lawrence & Associates).

As a child she did not want to be an actress

His great dream apparently was not to be an actress but to become a doctor.

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