John Carpenter , legendary director of American genre cinema behind Halloween – The night of the witches e The Thing , he confessed during a recent interview that he was not in tune with modern horror, which apparently is not able to scare him.

I now see the mechanisms ” explained the filmmaker. “ In order for these films to work, they must be seen by young people. Young people are the perfect public because they do not yet know those mechanisms.

And yet, it may happen that a film occasionally surprises even Carpenter: in all these years, however, it happened in just three cases.

When a film hits me, it means that it is so fantastic that I can overcome all my sensors. A few years ago a film was released that I think is simply fabulous, it's called Let Me Come In. I think it was a Swedish film. Oh, hell, it was great. Simply fantastic. He practically reinvented the myth of vampires. I liked it very much.

The other two films cited by the master both come from the United States: it is Hereditary di Ari Aster e Get Out di Jordan Peele .

Excellent films. Those two directors are smart, so they have to keep working

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The article John Carpenter: “this is why today's horror fears me no more” comes from Best Movie .


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