A DC fan with a particularly sharp eye found in the final trailer of Joker di Todd Phillips a clear reference to Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice , controversial cine-comic of 2016 directed by Zack Snyder .

As shown on Reddit, a promotional film is framed in the promotional film which features Excalibur di John Boorman , distributed in theaters in 1981. The cinema shown in the scene of Snyder's film, that of the prologue in which the murder of Bruce Wayne's parents is shown, seems decidedly very different from what can be seen in the trailer for Joker, but the fact that the film exhibited is the same should place the two sequences in the spring of 81 (Boorman's fantasy was released in April of that year.)


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We remind you that Joker will debut at the Venice Film Festival on Sunday 31 August, to arrive in Italian cinemas starting October 3rd. Stay tuned for the publication of our preview review.

Source: CB

Photo: © Warner Bros.

The article Joker: revealed an unexpected connection with Batman vs Superman comes from Best Movie .


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