There are few TV series that have managed to hypnotize us in these long and hot summer days. One of these is undoubtedly Dark – The Secrets of Winden . Created in 2017 For Netflix, Dark is a genre TV series dramatic and sci-fi created by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese which has achieved worldwide fame thanks to the distribution on the American online streaming service. What stands out in the cast is certainly Louis Hofmann, the young actor who plays the role of the traveler Jonas Kahnwald . But let's go in order and see what this TV series tells us.

Dark - la serie rivelazione di Netflix
Dark – Credits: Netflix

Dark, the plot

Netflix's first German production is set in Winden, a small and fictitious town in Germany where the mysterious disappearance of some children throws into chaos and despair four families living there: the Kahnwald, the Nielsen, the Doppler and finally the Tiedemann. During police investigations, mysterious phenomena and events bring the inhabitants back to 33 years before when the same thing happened, or when it disappeared by itself 13 years old little Mads Nielsen.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow are not consecutive, they are connected in a never-ending circle. Everything is connected

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The cast of Dark

Among the boys of the four historic families of Winden c ' is Jonas Kahnwald. With a Nordic charm and lean physique, Jonas appears since pilot one of the main characters of the TV series. His father committed suicide for unknown reasons, his mother lives a clandestine affair with Ulrich Nielsen, police inspector and father of Martha, the girl of which he is secretly in love.

The clothes of young Jonas were chosen Louis Hofmann, young German class actor 97 . Of episode in episode we Dark fans have started to know him and love him, so much that we can't wait to see the season finale of this TV series to understand what will happen to the young Jonas.

Dark Stagione 2
Dark – A scene from the second season. Credits: Netflix

10 curiosity on Louis Hofmann

If you too are curious to know some more details about professional and private life of Louis Hofmann, here curiosity about actor of Dark!

It is German as Dark

Like the TV series that is giving him success all over the world, Louis Hofmann is also German! He was born in Bensberg, a district of Bergisch-Gladbach and grew up in Cologne. Today he lives between Los Angeles and Germany.

He is happy and scared of the success of Dark

In a recent interview with The Last Magazine the German actor stated:

Actually, I didn't have much awareness of how big it would have been. I knew that Netflix is ​​known all over the world, but now we have people from Brazil, Asia, Spain, Italy and France who send messages on Instagram and this is just crazy. When you make a movie, you have a very slow development because the distribution in different countries is different. But with Netflix, everyone can see content from day one, which is crazy. I think it's also a bit scary.

He chose his first agency alone 11 years

What to say? Early in work. Louis has in fact searched for an agency that would represent him as an actor only 11 years. His first successful role was in a German film as Tom Sawyer. It was the 2011 and Louis had only 13 years.

Is single

According to many online sites, the young German actor is single.

She loves some Hollywood stars

Dark's main character confessed to adoring two international stars: Eddie Redmayne and Leonardo DiCaprio. “I love their acting: Eddie has a very delicate way of acting and Leonardo is very physical.” But he also has a German artist among his favorite actors: Tom Schilling (Suite Francaise, The Same Sky).

Active on social media

Although he doesn't have official profiles on Twitter and Facebook, the protagonist of Dark is very active on social networks thanks to Instagram. His profile ( @ louishofmann ), has a following of almost 200. 000 follower.

He loves German cinema

In a recent interview, Louis Hofmann confessed to adoring German cinema

I love the way German cinema has evolved over the past two years; how he lost his fear of doing something wrong. It's getting braver and the stories seem to become more unique.

He dreams of working with some international directors

During an interview with the international press, Louis confessed to dream of working with three successful international directors: Thomas Vinterberg, Martin Scorsese and Sebastian Schipper .

His first love was football

Like all children as a child he dreamed of playing football. He changed his mind at the age of 11 years old when, as a hobby, he started acting. It was finally decided to dedicate body and soul to acting at the age of 15 years after the first successes achieved on the big and small screen

Has been awarded for his first international role

Il his first international role was as a prisoner of war in Land of Mine. Participation in this film earned him the prize like best supporting actor at the Bodil Awards in 2016 and the special prize Jaeger-LeCoultre as best German actor in an international film ai German Film Awards of the same year.


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