Loving Vincent

We have always said: summer is perfect for big recoveries. After using the long and warm evenings just past to recover a classic Japanese animation, Death Note , last weekend it was the turn of Loving Vincent . No more Japanese products, therefore, but a recovery always in the name of animation.

Directed by Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welchman, Loving Vincent is a British-Polish animated film released in dedicated to Vincent van Gogh. Un biopic d animation made using the works of the same Dutch artist to tell the last years of Vincent's life. The plot of the feature film is in fact focused on the last months of Vincent's life, and he pays particular attention to the theory that the artist did not commit suicide, but remained the victim of an extreme joke by a local bully who had always tormented him: the sixteen year old René Secrétan.

Loving Vincent

Whether it was suicide or homicide little changes. What is certain is that Vincent van Gogh was a true genius driven by a strong passion and desire to paint, but always tormented in the soul and body precisely because of this genius misunderstood by everyone.

Loving Vincent is definitely a film tribute to this artist that leaves the viewer to open mouth for the beauty of the animations, but at the same time a lot of melancholy in the heart of those who look at it for the sad end of this man.

Why recover Loving Vincent

Thanks to this summer we managed to recover Loving Vincent and these are our five reasons for recovering this animated film.

Loving Vincent

A film painted on canvas

As the first reason to recover Loving Vincent We obviously choose the technique used to create this feature film. This is the first film in the history of international cinema to have been entirely painted on canvas, starting with more than a thousand paintings by the artist. According to what published on official site of the work , I was made more than 65. 000 frames starting from 94 works by hand of 125 artists from all over the world.

Obviously not all of Vincent van Gogh's paintings have been used “nature”. In fact, some paintings have been adapted for script requirements; as published online of 94 paintings used 31 have been modified . For example, some parts have been added, characters inserted, seasons and colors representing day and night have been changed. A really painstaking work that makes Loving Vincent a spectacular animated film, able to hypnotize the viewer and for this absolutely to be recovered.

Financed online

Yes, it was partly funded with an online campaign su Kickstarter , the website American focused on collective financing for creative projects. As we read on Wikipedia, through Kickstarter various types of businesses were financed, including independent films, video games, music, theater performances, comics, journalism and food-related businesses

The campaign for Loving Vincent was launched in 2014, with 796 supporters who initially promised support of around $ 64. 000 to the project. With this digital activity it was allowed to form 40 painters who worked on the film to bring the paintings and life of van Gogh to the big screen. The “final prize” for the fans was the creation of an exclusive video that gave life to the supporters for 20 seconds. Using the same production method used by the creators for each film

Loving Vincent – The protagonists of the film

The cast of Loving Vincent

Being an action film starring actors “in the flesh”, we could not fail to indicate the cast as another reason to recover Loving Vincent . The actors were really chosen in a spectacular manner as really resembling Vincent and the people around him , and spectacular in their “oil on canvas” style version.

The cast of this movie animation includes stars of great caliber such as Eleanor Tomlinson ( Poldark, The White Queen ) as Adeline Ravoux, Saoirse Ronan ( Little Women , Hanna ) in those of Marguerite Gachet daughter of the doctor of Van Gogh, Chris O'Dowd ( The IT Crowd, Bridesmaids in the role of the postman Joseph Roulin. Not to forget Helen McCrory ( Penny Dreadful , Peaky Blinders ) in the role by Louise Chevalier, Aidan Turner ( Being Human , Poldark) in those of the boatman and Jerome Flynn ( Game of Thrones , Ripper Street, Black Mirror ) in those of dr. Paul Gachet. The film introduces the theater actor Robert Gulaczyk in his first film role as Vincent van Gogh.

In short, a spectacular cast, really splendid in cartoon version and also romantic to look at .

Based on historical documents

To achieve Loving Vincent have been used approximately 800 letters written by the same artist . Invaluable texts that allowed the crew to highlight details, even particularly sad and difficult, of van Gogh's life. The man really committed suicide alone 37 years due to the fort depression and bipolar disorder from which he suffered or his death was a sad accident?

Thanks to these 800 letters could be built a narrative plot that documents the tragic end of the artist.

Loving Vincent – A scene from the film

For lovers of Vincent van Gogh

And of course Loving Vincent is absolutely to be recovered if you adore the Dutch artist. Interviewed on the film, Dorota Kobiela declared

I hope this film will inspire people to discover something more about Vincent, through his letters and his paintings. In a way, I hope this movie can help introduce Vincent to more people because he deserves it. I want everyone to love Vincent!


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