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If you follow us assiduously, you know how much we have loved (and we still love) Manhunt Unabomber , the first scripted drama by Discovery Channel designed by Andrew Sodroski, Jim Clemente and Tony Gittelson and dedicated to Theodore John “Ted” Kaczynski, the American mathematician convicted of sending explosive postal packages to numerous people , causing 3 deaths and 23 wounded. Following the global success achieved by this TV series account dedicated to one of the most famous manhunts in the world, the crew has decided to produce Manhunt 2 which will be titled Manhunt Lone Wolf .

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This second season will no longer be focused on Unabomber. The narrative will always be focused on one of the largest and most complex hunts to man, but the goal will be Eric Rudolph (Jack Huston), the terrorist responsible for the attack on the Atlanta Olympics of 1996 and other terrorist actions in the southern United States

But let's go in order and see in detail who Eric Rudolph is and what he will tell us Manhunt Lone Wolf.

Eric Rudolph – CNN

All about Eric Rudolph, the Atlanta terrorist

The aim of the hunt for the 'man of Manhunt 2 will be Eric Rudolph, the US terrorist who the 27 July 1996 detonated a bomb at Atlanta's Centennial Olympic Park , during the Olympics of 1996. The man attributed the cause of the attack to

willingness to hit the ideals of global socialism, represented by the Olympics and supported by the Washington regime, perfectly expressed in the song Imagine by John Lennon, anthem of the games of 1996.

In the same statement that Eric Rudolph later made:

the aim was to confuse, anger and embarrass the Washington government to eyes of the world for its abominable role in the administration of abortion on request, and to cancel the Games, or at least create a state of insecurity to empty the streets around the event, to hit the large capital invested

Considered responsible for at least 3 killings and 150 wounded, in 2005 was sentenced to five life sentences . Following a confession with plea bargaining he avoided the death penalty and was imprisoned in the maximum security penitentiary in Florence, Colorado.

The Manhunt 2 plot

In addition to telling in detail the events that led to Eric Rudolph's manhunt, the second season of the TV series will also highlight the media storm that consummated the life of Richard Jewell (Cameron Britton) , the guardian of the Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta he discovered the bomb and tried to evacuate people from the building. Although his desperate attempt to avoid a massacre, the bomb exploded killing Alice Hawthorne, and wounding 111 people. Another person, the Turkish cameraman Melih Uzunyol, died of a heart attack by rushing to the scene.

Jack Huston and Cameron Britton

The cast of Manhunt Lone Wolf

In addition to Jack Huston ( The Romanoffs, Boardwalk Empire: The Empire of Crime ) as terrorist Eric Rudolph and Cameron Britton ( Mindhunter, The Umbrella Academy ) in those of the guardian Richard Jewell, Carla Gugino ( Jett, Hill House ), Judith Light ( Transparent ), Gethin Anthony ( Game of Thrones ) and Jay O. Sanders ( Sneaky Pete ).

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Judith Light will take on the role of Bobi Jewell, Richard's mother who will see the son being wrongly accused of the attack. Gethin Anthony will play Jack Brennan, the FBI agent responsible for the investigation is in the case of Richard Jewell than in the hunt for the man of Eric Rudolph. Jay O. Sanders will be instead Watson Bryant, Richard's lawyer friend who will try to clean up the friend's name from the unjust accusation of terrorism.

In the cast there will also be Arliss Howard ( Moneyball ), Desmond Harrington ( Dexter ), Kelly Jenrette (The Handmaid's Tale) and Ness Bautista (Sense8 ) announced as a regular last June.

The Mass on air and online of the second season

Filming of the new episodes is been carried out in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. However, it is not yet known when they will debut on the small screen and on the services of online streaming

The Manhunt 2 trailer

Also for the trailer we will unfortunately have to wait, as of today there are no video clips dedicated to new episodes of this TV series. In the meantime, however, we advise you to consider Manhunt Unabomber , the first chapter of the TV series currently available on Netflix .

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