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Online a new explosive rumor on the Marvel Film Universe . Just this morning we reported a casting call that would seem to anticipate the entrance on the stage of Namor the Submariner in the UCM, and now, it's Cosmic Book News to give us a new update on the subject: well, according to the report, in negotiations for the role there would be nothing less than one of the most famous and beloved stars of the panorama, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson !

The source reiterates that Namor will be introduced as villain in Black Panther 2 , and apparently, Dwayne Johnson would be really very interested in the part. The actor, in fact, would not be satisfied with the budget that Warner intends to release for Black Adam , which is why he might decide to go directly to the “adversaries” abandoning his commitments with the DC.

We emphasize that this is only a rumor, and as such should be taken with the necessary pliers waiting for any confirmations or updates. What do you think, though, of having The Rock in the role of Namor? He is a very important character and probably after Black Panther 2 we will see him several other times in the UCM, so if he does not it would be quite surprising to find that Kevin Feige and members are hunting for a star of the A series

In short, we keep our eyes and ears open for the next updates!

Source: CBN

The article Marvel Universe: unveiled the potential role of The Rock? comes from Best Movie .


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