Mindhunter serial killer

Everyone knows that the acclaimed series of Netflix produced and partly directed by David Fincher based on the almost homonymous book written by Mark Olshaker and John E. Douglas. In particular, the second is the real counterpart of Holden Ford (played by Jonathan Groff), while Bill Tench's character (Holt McCallany) is a tribute to Robert Ressler. Like Holden and Bill in stage fiction, Douglas and Ressell were in reality the creators of the criminal profiling method for the capture of serial killers. Method they developed through interviews with detained serial killers

But who am I and what the serial killers in did Mindhunter ? The list is actually too long to describe them one by one. Then we will discuss in detail only some of them. Choice made on the basis of some peculiarities that distinguish them from the common killer and which motivates their inclusion in the series itself

The list is, indeed , too long to describe them one by one. Then we will discuss in detail only some of them. Choice made on the basis of some peculiarities that distinguish them from the common killer and motivates their inclusion in the series itself

Mindhunter serial killer: All those we've seen so far

Mindhunter - Ed Kemper
The serial killer in Mindhunter – Ed Kemper

Edmund Emil Kemper III

Mimetically interpreted by Cameron Britton , Big Ed (136 kg and over 2m in height) is definitely the serial killer who establishes the most important relationship with Holden and Bill. And it is not a case. After the final sentence in 1973, the real Ed Kemper has become a model prisoner awarded several times. Merit of the transcription of texts in Braille for the blind and of the two degrees obtained during the more than forty years of imprisonment.

Such an exemplary conduct that is difficult imagine that he was the same person he had killed alone 15 years maternal grandparents shot. Released from prison in 1969, performs several jobs and also tries to enlist in the police. He will not succeed, but he will become a friend of many policemen. So much so that the police chief often invites him to dinner and he goes out with his daughter.

Meanwhile, however, Ed hides his murderous rage that finally explodes from May of 1972 to February 1973 when kills female students Mary Ann Fish, Anita Lucchese, Aiko Koo, Cindy Schall, Rosalind Thorpe, Alice Liu . After strangling or shooting them, he masturbates on the corpses and brings their heads home to keep them in cellophane and have oral relations with the poor remains. Il 20 April of 1973 hatred towards the mother (who always had it as a child humiliated and abused) he explodes: he kills her with a hammer in his sleep, decapitates her, violates the corpse, tears off her vocal cords . The homicidal fury has not yet subsided, he invites his mother's best friend home and strangles her as soon as he arrives.

Then he escapes to constitute himself shortly after confessing all the murders and also revealing acts of cannibalism. From that moment, And the serial killer becomes the peaceful and sly Big Ed we see in Mindhunter .

Mindhunter - Richard Speck
The serial killer in Mindhunter – Richard Speck

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Richard Franklin Speck

It is not one of the most famous, but it is a name that cannot be missing from the list of Holden and Bill. Choice linked to its being a partially anomalous case of serial killer because it does not kill with methodology and cunning, but n an uncontrolled explosion of violence . Even to the point of letting the one who identifies him escape and let the police arrest him.

Richard Speck (to whom he lends his face Jack Erdie ) had always been a violent criminal well known to the Dallas police who they arrest him for thirty-seven times in a single month. His concept of beautiful evening consisted of getting drunk, taking drugs and fighting with someone in a few fights . If he could, he would go home happy. Otherwise, he would go around to find a tramp to beat without reason. In 1966 is left by his wife after she has filed for divorce because of repeated violence and death threats resulting from the excessive use of alcohol and drugs.

From here begins a rapid series of murders. Kill four women with the same modus operandi: rape, robbery, strangulation, stabbing, throat cutting. Then he completely loses control. He enters a nursing home. First tie them together in their own room. Then he rapes her, tortures her and kills them. After eight victims , the violence is so much that he himself she is stunned to the point of losing count and forgetting that the Filipina Corazon Amurao has not yet killed her even though she pretends to be dead.

Richard Speck is arrested and sentenced to death, but the sentence was commuted to life imprisonment 1972. He will die in prison in 1992 after having behaved violently even behind bars.

Mindhunter - David Berkowitz
The serial killer in Mindhunter – David Berkowitz

David Berkowitz

Another mimetic interpretation is that that Oliver Cooper proposes by David Berkowitz. Holden and Bill interview him in the second season of Mindhunter because it is the first case of a serial killer looking for the attention of the press and police . Il 16 April 1977, next to the body of two of his six victims, was indeed found a letter addressed to Joe Borelli , the captain who was conducting the investigation.

In the letter, written in ungrammatical English, the killer defined himself Sam's son , name by which he will become famous. The rest of the letter was a delirious set of sentences in which the murderer said of obeying a sort of demonic entity which urged him to kill to satisfy his bloodlust. The following year, a few months before the anniversary of the first murder, Berkowitz wrote a second letter to Jimmy Bresslin , editor of the New York Daily News. The answer of the journalist who invited him to stop killing was of no use

After two years studded with six victims and numerous wounded with Magnum caliber shots 44 (the same as Inspector Callaghan of Clint Eastwood), Berkowitz was arrested on 10 August of 1977. He did not resist, merely asking the agents “why do you have us put so much? “ . In prison, he declared himself Satanist and then accused his neighbors John and Michael Carr of being his accomplices and others son of Sam (and, in fact, Sam was the name of their father). In 1979 agreed to meet an exorcist for then declaring himself a reborn Christian and sending letters of repentance to the families of his victims. At the time, Berkowitz is in jail where he maintains his official website on which articles and letters appear on other serial killers

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Mindhunter - Wayne Bertram Williams
Mindhunter's serial killer – Wayne Bertram Williams

Wayne Bertram Williams

It is not a particularly well-known name, but it is certainly the one that plays a prominent role in this second season of Mindhunter . Why is to capture him that Holden and Bill leave the quiet muffled of Quantico and interviews to jump on the field and test the effectiveness of their methods.

There is, indeed, little to add about him beyond what is seen in the last episodes of this second season. Arrested almost by accident on the last day of bridge patrol, Wayne (played by Christopher Livingston ) was, finally convicted only for the murders of two adults . The fact that it corresponded at least in part to the profile developed by the FBI was considered a sufficient reason to close the investigation into the murders of 28 black teenagers missing in Atlanta between July of 1979 and the May of 1981 . As the series suggests, this choice was probably dictated by political reasons rather than by reasoned accusations.

What the series does not say is the later. Williams continued to profess his innocence by repeatedly asking for the case to be reopened. In subsequent years, many doubts were raised about the tests used for incriminating him, but they were never considered sufficient to exonerate him. Nevertheless, in March of this year, the mayor of Atlanta and the chief of police ordered the reopening of the case to establish whether Wayne Williams is actually responsible for the crimes attributed to him or not, instead an involvement of the Ku Klux Klan as claimed by the mothers of the boys.

Mindhunter - Dennis Rader
Mindhunter's serial killers – Dennis Rader

Dennis Rader

The serial killer of tomorrow's Mindhunter . We saw him appear in short scenes during each episode of this season and in someone from the previous one. Always silent and with a reassuring appearance for being anonymous. Yet Dennis Rader (to whom he lends his face Sonny Valicenti ) was one of the most serious killers who put to the test the skills of investigators and FBI profilers.

As often happens, Rader was considered a respectable member of his community in a suburb of Park City in Kansas. He had raised two children and was considered a good family man . He was also involved in the organization of Boy Scout activities and earned the post of President of the local Lutheran Church. The worst that could be said of him was that he was obsessed by the respect of the rules up to exceed in bizarre attitudes as to contest the height of the grass in the garden. The work as municipal inspector offered him the opportunity to challenge each minimal violation of the regulations alienating him from many sympathies.

Yet, this very obsession with control was the weapon with which he managed to evade capture for thirty-one years . Many pass by 1974 in which he killed the four members of the Otero family to the 2005 in which he was arrested. After the first multiple murder, Rader chose women who lived alone as victims. Back home they found the man attacking her and then subjecting her to his sadistic ritual condensed in three letters BTK: bind, torture, kill . Under the blows of his madness Katryn Bright fell into 1974, Shirely Vian and Nancy Fox in 1977, Marine Hedge in 1985, Vicki Wegerle in 1986, Dolores Davis in 1991.

The long periods of pause between the series of murders helped Rader to block the activities of the investigators. Above all, Rader had a full mastery of the crime scene that the allowed to leave no useful trace for those who hunted him. This security was also reflected in its peculiarity: he wrote letters to the police in which he described in detail the murders signing with the BTK acronym and a logo he had invented on purpose.

Too much security was, finally, his conviction. Thirteen years after the last murder, Rader resumed sending letters to the police enclosing in 2005 also an empty floppy disc . However, computer technicians were able to retrieve a Word document entitled “Christ Luteran Church” which was modified by Dennis. It took little to verify that a Dennis Rader had been president of Christ Luteran Church. The definitive test was still lacking. It was necessary to compare the DNA of semen traces found on corpses with that of Rader or a close relative. It was daughter Kerri who provided that sample. And to connect strange episodes to which he had witnessed in a single framework that was explained only if what the policemen are saying was true: his father was BTK .

Rader was arrested shortly thereafter. To the policeman who asked him if he knew why they were looking for him, he replied calmly “I have some suspicion” . Sentenced to 10 life sentences, currently serving the sentence.


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