Ava DuVernay , director of the next project DC Films , entitled New Gods , specified that once the film will be in cinemas fans will comic will meet in front of a stronger villain even than Thanos .

This is Darkseid , historical and formidable opponent of Justice League on the pages of the DC Comics comics, which according to DuVernay in a hypothetical fight against the character played by Josh Brolin in Marvel Cinematic Universe , would win hands down

On Twitter, the director reshared a post that read: “ This is not even questioned. You can give Thanos all the Infinity Gems, but it wouldn't matter anyway. Darkseid would tear that guy apart. Thanos may also be the Crazy Titan, but the Titans were killed by the New Gods and when it comes to New Gods, Darkseid is the icing on the cake.

DuVernay's bold commentary on the statement above was: “ A little stronger for the people at the bottom

Which side are you on? Who would you bet your money on in a meeting between Darkseid and Thanos? Tell us as usual in the comments section.

We remind you that to date no release date has been announced for New Gods , so stay tuned for future updates.

Source: Twitter

Photo: © Disney / Marvel Studios

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