Quentin Tarantino presenta C'era una volta... a Hollywood a Mosca

Quentin Tarantino , in Moscow to present Once upon a time … in Hollywood after passing through Italy, he also spoke about his future projects. Engaged in the press tour for the promotion of the film, the next one is coming to our rooms 18 September , Tarantino hinted once again that he only had another film to complete.

His idea, as already stated in the past, is in fact to hang the camera on the nail once the tenth film , from think like a pinnacle of his successful filmography full of successes and cult titles. « If you think about the idea that all films tell a story and each film it is like the wagon of a train connected to one another, it would be a sort of great and unforgettable climax of the whole journey – said Tarantino -, The tenth film will be a sort of epilogue .

Once upon a time … in Hollywood he recorded the best debut of a Tarantino film in American theaters and is recording excellent box-office numbers, but you can bet that the director of Pulp Fiction and Bastardi senza gloria wants to say goodbye to a genre that he never attended. From the much talked about movie of Star Trek prohibited to minors, produced by J.J. Abrams and scripted by Mark L. Smith, at that Django / Zorro based on a comic book passing by, widening the radius of action, for the western series Bounty Law , spin-off of Tarantino's ninth film dedicated to the fate of the Rick Dalton by Leonardo DiCaprio. Surprisingly (but not too much), Tarantino's tenth film could however be a horror .

« If I have a fantastic horror film story, I will make it as my tenth film. I love horror. I would like to make a horro movie r , Tarantino said in reply to those who asked him if he had considered the idea of ​​directing a horror

« And actually I think the sequence of C 'it was once … in Hollywood set in the Spahn Ranch (with Brad Pitt entering a village of disturbing hippies, ed) is the most close to a horror sequence that I shot. I think it's vaguely terrifying. And I didn't realize how well it came, frankly, until my editor told me: “The Spahn Ranch sequence is a horror movie … it's Don't open that door with a budget” .

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