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Roswell, New Mexico has intrigued not only fans of the original television series, but also fans of the genre young adult . Edited by Carina Adly MacKenzie (writer of The Originals ) , Roswell, New Mexico is the reboot of the almost homonymous teen drama of The CW and was broadcast by the same American network last autumn in parallel with another highly anticipated reboot: Witches – Charmed .

Definitely Roswell, New Mexico was one of the most anticipated TV series of the new season , and now that he landed on Premium Stories we could not not linger again on this show with a special with all the details on cast and plot

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Roswell New Mexico - Liz e Max
Roswell New Mexico – Liz and Max

The plot of Roswell, New Mexico

Taken as the original from the literary saga Roswell High by Melinda Mez, this reboot will be set in the famous American town where in 1947 the alleged UFO crash occurred, but a group of high school students like the original.

The new protagonist will be Liz Ortecho (played by Jeanine Mason of So You Think You Can Dance ), a young woman, children of illegal immigrants, returning to her hometown to treat her sick father. Upon returning to her Roswell, the woman will begin to manage the CrashDown, the local of the city made famous by the previous version of Roswell, and will meet his everlasting love now police officer: Max Evans (played by Nathan Parsons of The Originals )

Too bad that Liz Ortecho will one day discover that Max is actually an alien with special abilities and that he is not the only alien in the city eager to keep his true identity secret …

Roswell New Mexico - Isobel e Michael
Roswell New Mexico – Isobel and Michael

The friends of Liz and Max

To help the protagonist in protecting alien friends there will still be the her best friend Maria (played by Heather Hemmens of If Loving You Is Wrong ), a cheerful and fun woman with a passion for social media and his former Kyle Valenti, son of the sheriff (played by Michael Trevino of The Vampire Diaries ).

Obviously also in Roswell, New Mexico there will be Michael (played by Michael Vlamis of New Girl ), a man shining but upset because of a violent childhood, Isabel who in this version will be Isobel (played by Lily Cowles of BrainDead ) and Alex, a young gay who is ready for anything, even to abandon his dreams and the possibility of a future with the man he loves, even if he is a derive from his father's expectations (played by Tyler Blackburn from Pretty Little Liars).

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… And here is the trailer for Roswell, New Mexico!

If you are interested in this TV series which is transmitted in first sight on Premium Stories , here is the teaser trailer released in America and which we report thanks to YouTube.


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