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So yes, we will have a TV series of Shadow and Bone and Ravka's world It was announced Deadline in January of 2019, giving space to the fantasies of thousands of fans in around the world

After greeting Game of Thrones whose eighth season marked the end of a fantasy saga loved by millions of viewers – the production companies begin to test the ground for possible “substitutes” . In pole position, obviously, there is HBO, which recently increased the hype for the spin-off with the announcement of a cast more and more complete (besides the hint on the possible spin-off on the Targaryens) But also Netflix is ​​no less !

Netflix will adapt the sagas (yes, plural) set in the Grisha world of the author Leigh Bardugo.

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Shadow and Bone : The world of the Grisha, plot and setting

shadow and bone serie tv netflix alina

The sagas of Leigh Bardugo are still partially unpublished in Italy , which could explain the ignorance of some on the subject dealt with within them. Only the first book of the first saga – translated with the title Darkness and Ice from PIEMME – it is in fact available in our country. A Shadow and Bone the second and third volumes followed, Siege and Storm and Ruin and Rising , published in 2013 is 2014 respectively

In the trilogy of Shadow and Bone we are in Ravka, a fantasy world which takes its cue from the cold climates and fascinating traditions of the Russ imperial ia . Almost. The population is divided between people who have powers (Grisha) and simple human beings The Grishas can be related to the various elements, and train in an exclusive and elite school and then enter the country's army, which has been fighting for years with their neighbors.

Alina, an orphan , hides his powers so as not to separate from his childhood friend, Mal . But, when his powers come to light during a battle, turns out to be one of the most powerful Grisha in Ravka's story. A power, his, that attracts friends and enemies, including the leader of all the Grishas: the mysterious Darkling

Six of Crows : Two books on the continuation of the first trilogy

shadow and bone serie tv netflix six of crows

Netflix has also acquired the rights of the two books that followed the first trilogy of Shadow and Bone . These are Six of Crows e Croocked Kingdom . Unlike the story of Alina, in which the story follows the story of the great players on the chessboard of power, the two books, published in 2015 is 2016, follow a group of outlaws. No, no Robin Hood, rest assured.

Kaz, Inej, Wylan, Nina, Matthias and Jesper are such a well-liked band and interesting to make them almost an addiction. The events of Six of Crows are set several years after the end of the saga of Alina. There are more weapons that, in this case, are in a setting that winks at Peaky Blinders , without abandoning the winter Ravka furs.

Release date of the TV series Shadow and Bone

No official release date has yet been announced for the first season of the Netflix TV series. Shooting is currently taking place in Budapest, Hungary.

Cast of Shadow and Bone

Announced in early October 2019, the cast of the TV series Shadow and Bone promises not well – very well Here is the cast made known (until now):

Alina Starkov – Jessie Mei There

Malyen “Mal” Oretsev – Archie Renaux ( Hanna )

General Ki rigan (Darkling) – Ben Barnes ( The Punisher, Westworld )

Kaz Brekker – Freddy Carter ( Free Rain , Pennyworth )

Inej Ghafa – Amita Suman ( The Outpost, Doctor Who )

Jesper Fahey – Kit Young

Some will not appear in the first season of the TV series main characters which, however, according to IMDb, we will see in 2020 . A confirmation of the second season? We'll get there in a moment. Meanwhile, here are also the other cast members:

Nina Zenik – Danielle Galligan ( Game of Thrones, Krypton )

Zoya Nazyalensky – Sujaya Dasgupta ( Casualty, Guilt )

Genya Safin – Daisy Head ( Harlots, Girlfriends, Guilt )

Ivan – Simon Sears

First Season Trailer of Shadow and Bone

At the moment a trailer for the TV series is not yet available Netflix. As soon as it is released, naturally, we will share it with you!

How will it be the Netflix TV series?

shadow and bone serie tv netflix alina

For the moment there is not much information on the TV series Shadow and Bone of Netflix. We only know that this is a TV series of eight episodes and that Leigh Bardugo will be part of the creative team. It is always a good when the author / author can tell his own about the development of an adaptation . The TV series will be developed by Eric Heisserer, the screenwriter of the mega success Bird Box, and Shawn Levy, one of the executive producers of Stranger Things.

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Heisserer will then be screenwriter and showrunner of the project, with Levy and Bardugo as executive producers . In the project also Pouya Shahbazian as executive producer – already known for her work in the film saga of Divergent.

If developed well the TV series should have no problems to succeed. There are forces of good and evil, there are saints and demons, there are slaves, murderers and thieves. There is everything that can make a saga, literary or television, a success. Not surprisingly, the saga of Leigh Bardugo was translated into 38 languages ​​ throughout the world and sold, in English only, more than 2.5 million copies.

What could go wrong?

As with any adaptation of a literary saga, we must consider the pros and cons of an adaptation. Certainly the premises for a compelling, fresh, new TV series are all there . The fact that it is Netflix producing the TV series of Shadow and Bone bodes well that does not turn into a teen-drama to The CW, but the risk is undoubtedly

To this is added the fact that we are talking about only 8 episodes . The books of the initial trilogy are full of details, nuances, dialogues, adventures. The number of episodes may be insufficient (unless they are an hour or more) to translate the Grisha world on screen.

For Not talk about Six of Crows : the duology set in a post world – Shadow and Bone is even more complex. The hope is that Netflix has the idea of ​​several seasons in which to spread the events of all the books. Because a parallel story would be really confusing and, I repeat, excessively dense.

Ci will be a season 2?

A cryptic response by Leigh Bardugo on twitter has stirred the fandom of the Grishaverse. Indeed, when the actors were announced, many wondered where Prince Nikolaj was.

I know you guys were hoping to see the full cast — this is just round one. More to come when we're free to reveal it. Please be patient. Nikolai is not in season 1. Now let's go to celebrate because this magic is really happening

– Leigh Bardugo (@LBardugo) October 2, 2019

The author has expressly written “Nikolai is not in the first season “. This therefore means that there will be a second, perhaps even a third season of Shadow and Bone . Theory that seems to be confirmed by the IMDb portal, on which appear different names of actors who, however, are simply listed below “2020 “, While Ben Barnes and the others fall within the 8 episodes to be released soon.


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