It seems that more and more details and information are emerging regarding Tenet , the highly anticipated upcoming film directed by Christopher Nolan. After being briefly shown and the subject of a theory linking it to Inception, the film has recently obtained a motion poster .

# Tenet gets an official motion poster and site yHwxrNV

– Geek Vibes Nation 🖖 (@GeekVibesNation) August 3, 2019

As you can see the title of the film in the poster in question tends to rotate continuously , symbolizing the time loops within which the protagonists of the work will be forced to live. No further details were released about the film, whose cast now includes actors such as Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Clemence Poesy and Kenneth Branagh and Michael Caine . This last actor, also present in Inception , could constitute a further connection with the latter , but it is too early to say.

Tenet got a curious motion poster

Nothing remains but to wait for the extended trailer of the film to make the situation clearer.


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