The director Andy Muschietti , who from next September 5 will return to all Italian cinemas with the highly anticipated horror IT: Chapter Two , ha officially confirmed that his neighbor film will be the stand-alone cine-comic The Flash , which will consolidate the partnership of the filmmaker with Warner Bros .

Muschietti, in a recent interview, for the first time offered fans DC Films some clues as to what to expect for the project with Ezra Miller , who after many productive worries seems to have finally taken the right path.

What fascinated me about Flash is the humanist drama enclosed in this character. Human feelings and emotions are very strong in the drama that is his story. But it will also be a funny film.

The director, who at least judging from these first statements seems to have clear enough ideas about the type of project he wants to carry out, discussed the possibility that The Flash contains horror elements, genre for which Muschietti is known throughout the world.

I can't promise that there will be any horror ingredients in this movie either. But I guarantee that it will be a beautiful story of humanity.

Source: Fandango

Photo: © Warner Bros.

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