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At the moment it is not even official yet at 100% che Edward Nygma alias The Riddler will indeed be in The Batman of Matt Reeves , but know that the fans are already very anxious in By the way, and for the occasion, they also seem to have found their favorite for the role: nothing less than David Tennant , ex Doctor Who and interpreter of Kilgrave in Jessica Jones of Marvel.

To launch the idea is the artist William Gray , who published on Instagram an artwork in which Tennant appears dressed as the Riddler, and the online reaction was absolutely positive! “If Matt Reeves doesn't take David Tennant as a Riddler for the new Batman movie then I don't want it. This guy is perfect for the role “, he wrote for example a fan on Twitter, to which another comment echoes: « DC, please , take David Tennant as a Riddler. This is literally the only thing I've ever asked for. Please”. Here is the words of another user: «I hope they put the Riddler among the villains of the film and that they hire David Tennant. He would be perfect for the role “, and so on for the whole web, with praise and approval towards the British actor.

What do you think about it? Tennant is certainly good at it, and he has already shown several times that he knows how to make it into a villain: who knows, though, what Matt Reeves and Warner Bros. have in mind? When in doubt, remember that The Batman will be released in June 2021, bragging Robert Pattinson as the main protagonist in the role of the Bat Man


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