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Among the many new features of the TV series 2020 can not miss the 'expected return of Paolo Sorrentino and his The New Pope . After the success in 2016 of The Young Pope this s erie tv seems at the same time a tribute and a tabula rasa , which wishes to continue investigating the director's vision that is anything but conventional and providing the anxious audience what he wishes

john malkovich the new pope
Credits: Sky

The transition from The Young Pope al The New Pope . What awaits us?

The TV series was announced, initially, as the second season of The Young Pope , before a “denial” who wanted the TV series as an independent product. Despite this subtlety, confirmed by the same Sorrentino – who edited the subject, the conception, the direction and the script of the project – everyone continues to consider the TV series a full-fledged continuation of the TV series with Jude Law . The latter, however, producer of the new project.

As already happened with The Young Pope , the TV series is co-produced by Sky Atlantic, Canal and HBO , which are responsible for distribution in Italy, France and the United States respectively. There will be a total of 9 episodes , whose titles are not yet announced.

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Plot of the TV series

john malkovich the new pope jude law
Credits: Sky

Written by Paolo Sorrentino with Umberto Contarello and Stefano Bises, The New Pope sets itself the non-simple task of bringing to the screen a novelty that is no longer original, with the same skepticism and grim irony that characterize and have always characterized the work of the director.

While the young pope (Jude Law) is in a coma , the need for elections is presented in the Vatican re a new leader for the Catholic faith. In a hurry the Holy See sets itself the task of choosing a new pope, who is renamed Francis II. Spokesperson for alternative ideas, including giving all the church's assets to the poor, dies in no time. Here then are the principal spokesmen of the Holy See – the cardinals Voiello (Silvio Orlando) , Gutierrez (Javier Camara) , Absent (Maurizio Lombardi) and r marketing manager of the papacy (Cécile de France) leaving in search of a new substitute. The choice falls on Sir John Brannox (John Malkovich) who chooses as a new name John Paul III.

From the beginning the new pope, not immune from fragility and defects, understands that he will be difficult if not impossible to replace your predecessor . One whose charm still lingers in the corridors of the Vatican. Especially when Lenny awakens from the coma and returns to the Vatican , forcing the two popes to a simple cohabitation. Scenario that will test their faith, in God and in themselves.

New images from The New Pope and stills

john malkovich the new pope

jude law the new pope

john malkovich the new pope

the new pope john malkovich

john malkovich the new pope

Cast of The New Pope

In addition to Jude Law and John Malkovich, we know they will be the pillars of The New Pope , we see in detail the cast of the TV series. Some actors are newcomers, others return after participating in the first season.

Jude Law – Lenny Belardo / Pope Pius XIII

John Malkovich – Sir John Brannox / Pope John Paul III

Silvio Orlando ( The great dream ) – Cardinal Angelo Voiello

Cécile de France ( Hereafeter, Lady J ) – Sofia Dubois

Ludivine Sagnier ( Peter Pan, The Adventures of the Young Moliere ) – Esther Aubry

Javier Cámara ( Narcos, The Miracle ) – Cardinal Bernardo Gutierrez

Maurizio Lom bar of (1992, 1993, 1994, Not to Kill, The Medici – Lorenzo the Magnificent ) – Monsignor Luigi Cavallo

J. David Hinze – Leopold Essence

Then there are some new entries whose role has not yet been confirmed, including some incredibly known: Sharon Stone and Marilyn Manson . Other actors that we will see in the second season are also: Henry Goodman ( Notting Hill, The Flavor of Success ), Ulrich Thomsen ( Fringe, Alias, Banshee ), Mark Ivanirv ( Homeland, The Good Shepard – The shadow of power ), Julija Snigir ' ( Velikaja, La via dei Tormenti ) e Massimo Ghini .

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Where to look The New Pope

john malkovich the new pope
Credits: Sky

There serious and TV by Paolo Sorrentino will be broadcast , as already happened with The Young Pope , on Sky Atlantic. This means that the episodes will subsequently be available also on the NOWtv streaming platform , which allows access to programs broadcast on Sky (with some exceptions) as on any streaming platform

Release date and poster of the TV series

– Sky Atlantic (@skyatlantic) November 26, 2019

At the end of November, the first official poster of the TV series with the definitive release date . The New Pope will indeed go airing in Italy from 10 January 2020. In total there will be 9 episodes . In the USA the TV series will be released a few days later, 12 January 2020.

In the poster we see the “new” Pope which is played by John Malkovich. Behind him, in shadow but always present, we find instead the “young” pope, Lenny Belardo. The graphic naturally recalls the style and mood of the first season , in particular the neon lights of the initials.

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Trailer of the TV series by Paolo Sorrentino

In August of 2019 the the very first trailer of the TV series. In the latter we see the pope played by Jude Law to travel , in a swimsuit that leaves little to the imagination, a p asserella full of “temptations” . In the opposite direction, on the other hand, the Pope walks by John Malkovich , marked by the same richness and determination (at least in appearance) that the popes of Sorrentino's TV series seem to share.

A few months after the release of the first trailer, a second trailer in Italian has been shared on the web. Thanks to the latter it turns out a little more about character of Pope John Paul III , on his desire to affirm himself as a new and single pope. Although his predecessor is still alive – and, it seems, on the verge of returning to trouble, that Jude Law's smile can only be an indicator.


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