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Finally here we are! Watchmen is coming. The television series based on the homonymous comic miniseries of the DC Comics written by the British author Alan Moore and illustrated by his compatriot Dave Gibbons will debut the 20 October on the HBO

Here is everything we know about this new show created by Damon Lindelof which will also come to us in Italy thanks to Sky Atlantic .

Watchmen - Un'immagine promozionale
Watchmen – A promotional image

The plot of the TV series

After the release of the eponymous film in 2018, HBO had started some discussions and negotiations with director Zack Snyder to bring Watchmen also on the small screen. Until now there had been no possibility or news.

Ora Watchmen is coming, but the project followed by Damon Lindelof will not be a continuation of the film by Zach Snyder. This TV series will be in fact set some years after the end of the comic. Below is the official plot of the show.

Set in an alternative universe in which the “superheroes” are treated as outlaws, this dramatic TV series embraces the nostalgia of the revolutionary and original namesake graphic novel and will attempt to add new foundations to the story.

On his official Instagram account, Damon Lindelof stated last May :

This new story must be original. He must ask new questions and explore the world through a new magnifying glass. More importantly, it must be contemporary … The tone will be fresh and bad, electric and absurd … Some of the characters will be unknown. There will be new faces. New masks to cover them. We also intend to revisit the last century through a series of surprising but familiar eyes … and it is here that we will run the greatest risk.

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The cast of Watchmen

A cast of great thickness was chosen for this TV series. Regina King will play Angela Abar, while Jeremy Irons will be an old version of Adrian Veidt / Ozymandias .

In the cast there will also be Don Johnson (Chief Judd Crawford), Tim Blake Nelson (Looking Glass), Tom Mison (Marcos Maez / Mime), Jean Smart (Laurie Blake / Silk Specter), Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (Cal Abar), Louis Gossett Jr. (Will Reeves), Edward Crook (Mr. Phillips), Hong Chau, Andrew Howard (Red Scare), Adelaide Clemens (Pirate Jenny), Frances Fisher (Jane Crawford), Jacob Ming-Trent (Panda), Christie Amery (Ms. Crookshanks), Sara Vickers (Erika Manson / Marionette), Dylan Schombing and James Wolk (Senator Keane).

Watchmen - Una scena della serie TV
Watchmen – A scene from the TV series

The director and producers of the TV series

The wait for Watchmen is high because this TV series is branded, as already mentioned, by the guru Damon Lindelof. He will take the reins of the show as an executive producer and as one of the main screenwriters. Nicole Kassell will direct the pilot and then secure a role of producer along with Tom Spezialy, Stephen Williams and Joseph Iberti.

The premiere date of the first season

Last September had been announced that the TV series would arrive in America on 20 October on HBO . As already mentioned, in Italy Watchmen will be broadcast by Sky Atlantic . The date of premiere Italian is set for the 28 October.

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The Watchmen trailer

Below is the teaser trailer and the trailer of the show released respectively before and after the summer by the American HBO network.

The teaser trailer

The official TV series trailer


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