The world record holder victim of a programming strangeness.

The cult classic Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean is a pretty big game, especially if you want to collect everything there is to find. A speedrun to be completed at 100% requires more than 300 hours of play, and even a single mistake could lead to disaster. The world record holder “ Baffan ” learned the hard way during a recent speedrun, in which a programming strangeness caused his business to fail almost four days after the start.

Completing a speedrun at 100 of Baten Kaitos requires extreme patience and dedication. There are countless cards and items to collect in a process that can take about two weeks to complete. The current record, held precisely by Baffan, was established two years ago when he completed the title in 341 hours, 20 minutes and three seconds . Baffan was in the middle of a new attempt this week. A 97 hours, he found a problem that made it impossible to collect one of the items he needed. Unable to proceed, he was forced to finish the speedrun.

The incident happened during a quest to help some street orphans in a city called Azha. Players can help children by giving them objects called Quest Magnus. There is a reward after giving them 13 Magnus and another to deliver 21 in total. There is a unique item prize for each phase of the quest. Baffan, presumably to try to save time, decided to complete the mission after acquiring 21 Magnus. But there is a problem in this regard: moving to the highest sum directly makes it impossible to receive the initial reward. Normally, players receive a cloak after delivering 13 items and then unlocking a secret recipe to deliver 21. Baffan's time savings meant he could no longer receive the cloak.


This is not the first time Baffan encounters problems in Baten Kaitos speedrun. The main reason for the speedrun length is due to an object called Splendid Hair . Acquiring it requires the player to find the Shampoo object first. After having the object in play for about two weeks of real time, the shampoo turns into Splendid Hair. To unlock this object, speedrunners like Baffan often leave the game running overnight in an inactive state so that objects like this can change. In 2016, the player received a temporary suspension from Twitch for “non-gaming content” after leaving the game and its inactive stream in order to to be able to sleep and rest.

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Source: Kotaku .


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