Subscribers to EA services can download and play the BioWare title for free.

The discussed Anthem by BioWare has been added to the subscription services of EA .

Both subscribers EA Access and Origin Access can now download and play for free the basic game on PS4, Xbox One and PC, with Origin Premier members (who already had access to the base game) that are upgraded to the Legion of Dawn edition.

Anthem, the new IP of the creators of Mass Effect and Dragon Age BioWare, was released in February this year. Its development was a real nightmare and the scores of the reviews were mediocre, not to mention the disappointing post-launch updates.

Probably, the introduction of Anthem in EA's subscription-based services is a move to attract players who have refused to pay the game at full price.


What do you think? It is the right move to grow the player base of Anthem ?

We remind you that the review of the game is available on the pages. from BioWare.

Source: Kotaku .


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