As you well know by now, the Anthem project turned out to be a disaster. International critics had rejected several aspects of the action RPG, such as the loot system, considered unfulfilling, and the amount of content, far too sparse to entertain the most dedicated players. These defects are accompanied by imperfect gameplay and a series of bugs that frame a technical sector that does not live up to expectations.

For several months there have been rumors of a possible relaunch of the game of Bioware , through a restoration operation that would have given new lifeblood to the sci- fi. A few hours ago the official announcement of the Canadian team arrived: 'Anthem 2.0' will be done .

Bioware: a team will work on the revision of Anthem

The first rumors related to the revival of Anthem date back to last November, when Jason Schreier of Kotaku had told us about a revision project planned by Bioware and publisher Electronic Arts . The developers would have created a sort of Anthem 2.0 – or Anthem Next – along the lines of what Square Enix did with Final Fantasy XIV (2010), a game deemed unsuccessful and which nevertheless managed to re-grow with the appreciated A Realm Reborn (2013).

Yesterday, Casey Hudson confirmed the rumors spread in recent months. On the official Bioware blog, the General Manager spent a few words about the community of players who continued to trust Anthem and his development team. More importantly, Hudson said a new team will work on a game overhaul, reworking the main game mechanics and progression system.

“Over the past year, the team has worked hard to improve stability, performance and overall quality by offering three seasons of new content and features. We also have listened to your feedback that Anthem needs a more satisfying loot experience, better long-term progression and a more fulfilling endgame. So we recognize that there is still a lot of work to be done to highlight the full potential of the experience and this will require a more substantial reinvention of an update or expansion “.

In his post, Hudson then added: “In the coming months we will focus on a more complete redesign of the experience, working to reinvent the core gameplay with clear objectives , motivating challenges and a progression with significant rewards […] And to do it correctly we will do something that we would like to have done more the first time: give the team time to test and iterate, focusing first on the gameplay “.

The head of Bioware has specified that the software house will continue to support the current version of Anthem with new events and contents.

Recall that the next 22 February will be celebrated on the first anniversary of the game: it will be the perfect opportunity to distract yourself while waiting for further updates on the future Anthem 2.0.


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