The second season of Modern Warfare reintroduces in the world of Call of Duty Lieutenant Simon “Ghost” Riley , along with new multiplayer experiences in the form of new maps, modes and a Battle Pass completely unpublished. Getting the rewards will climb the second season's ranking, with more tapes to gain, new challenges to complete and new missions for both multiplayer and special games.

There is a narrative basis for Season 2: agents of Al Qatala stole a Soviet nuclear warhead and smuggled it into the city of Verdansk . Together with previously obtained chemical gases, Al Qatala can now cut Verdansk from the rest of the world. On the verge of a global catastrophe, Captain Price sends Ghost to trace the position of the warhead and guide the Key operators before it is too late.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Season Two

Contents of Season 2

Available at launch

  • Multiplayer maps: Rust and Atlas Superstore
  • Multiplayer mode: Gunfight Tournaments and Call of Duty League Ruleset
  • Ground War Map: Zhokov Boneyard
  • Operator: Ghost
  • Gunfight maps: Bazaar and others
  • Weapons: Grau 5. 56 and Striker 45

Coming during the season

  • Multiplayer map: Khandor Hideout
  • Operators: Talon and Mace
  • Multiplayer mode: Infected Ground War, variants of Gunfight, NVG Reinforce and others
  • Classified weapon

Battle Pass

The second season Battle Pass system includes two free weapons: a light and mobile assault rifle Grau 5. 56 (Level 15) and a powerful SMG, the Striker 45 (Level 31). At level 0 of the Battle Pass, however, players get Ghost along with additional items including a new operator mission. Simon “Ghost” Riley first appeared in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and is a British Special Forces operator belonging to the Task Force 68 of Captain Price. He is an expert in clandestine actions, sabotage and infiltrations. In addition to Ghost, players who purchase the Battle Pass have access to weapon designs, XP tokens, skins, operator challenges, and the ability to earn up to 1. 300 Call of Duty points.

Download size

Some complained about the very generous size of the update, which is around 70 GB on PC, 51 GB on PS4 and 68 GB on Xbox One. To the point that the same intervened Infinity Ward on Twitter in the figure of the Production director Paul Haile . Who apologized, noting however that Season 2 is a unique opportunity for Call of Duty Modern Warfare and that after installing the update the overall size of the whole game will decrease. The download is so consistent because it includes a lot of new content and a new type of file management that will reduce the overall size. In addition, a future update will allow players to decide which updates to download and which to skip or uninstall (it seems, however, that this type of DLC management will be a prerogative of the console versions).

More details on Season 2 can be found on the official blog, while for more information on the base game we refer you to this study.


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