Who said that Battle Royale is not adaptable to a strategic turn-based like Civilization 6 ? Those who think should know that Firaxis Games has just introduced a completely free battle Royale mode called Red Death in Civilization 6. Red Death supports up to 12 players in a single game session and there are maps smaller for more limited experiences like duels for two players. You can also play against opponents managed by artificial intelligence

Civilization 6: Red Death

Red Death takes place in a post-apocalyptic context where cities are in ruins, the landscape is barren, the oceans are contaminated and radioactive storms are spreading everywhere . In this mode, a civilization must not flourish in a peaceful sense, as from mechanics to the typical Civilization base, but manage a military faction equipped with a combat unit to protect one single civil unit . If the latter is killed or captured, the player who is responsible for it is excluded from the game.

You can explore the map with these units, always within the classic turn-based structure, with the aim of recruiting other units in your army and increasing their experience and effectiveness in combat. At the same time, the “red ring” which gives its name to the mode narrows around the players , forcing them to face rival factions


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