A very welcome hardware revision, especially by those who use the hybrid in portable mode.

Players can now purchase the new model of Nintendo Switch with longer battery life in some stores. GameStop would offer a special trade-in option to get the new Switch model at a discount.

Nintendo Switch has been a huge success for Nintendo, with so many players around the world praising the way the system lets you bring the console from home on the move. However, one thing the players complained about was the battery life; depending on the game, you can get 3 to 6 hours of battery life. Many fans have found that the duration is too short, especially compared to other portable devices like phones or tablets.

Nintendo has finally launched a new model of Nintendo Switch. This new Switch will have a longer battery life, approximately 4.5-9 hours of playback .


The new Switch model should be available for purchase in some retail stores in selected regions. It will cost as much as a normal Switch, or 300 dollars.

What do you think? Were you waiting for a new Switch model with a better battery?

Source: Gamepur .


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