The Italian horror film developed by Invader Studios has a PC release date.

Invader Studios announced that its horror game inspired by Resident Evil, Daymare: 1998 , the 17 September on PC. To celebrate this announcement, the team published a free demo that everyone can download from today.

Daymare: 1998 promises to recreate the atmosphere of the most loved works since the end of the millennium. The game will transport you into the midst of a family history but fresh. Furthermore, the plot will take place through the eyes of several characters, thus putting players in the role of different personalities.

The game includes features such as ammunition management, collectibles, environmental puzzles and much other. Players will be able to relive the beloved mechanics of the old Resident Evil games.

Finally, from a technical point of view, Daymare 1998 will be moved from Unreal Engine 4, engine that allowed the Italian team to implement modern graphics and effects.

What do you think of Daymare 1998? Will you try the demo?

Source: DSOGaming .


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