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The exclusives of Epic Games Store continue and the company has announced another eight games to come in the future. Here are the titles that will arrive on the platform in the future.

The developer of Ooblets , Glumberland, had previously announced the partnership with Epic. The Alto Collection brings together for the first time on PC the snowboard games dedicated to fans of this sport with the arrival of Alto's Adventure and Alto's Odyssey.

Wattam is the new title of Katamari Damacy's designer, Keita Takahashi. No Straight Roads is directed by Wan Hazmer, lead designer of Final Fantasy XV. Manifold Garden is a first-person puzzle developed by William Chyr, who shared the reason for this choice on Twitter: the game will be an Epic exclusive for one year.

We have some news. Garden Manifold will be coming to Epic Game Store later this year 12 – month timed exclusive for Windows PC. Here's the store page: https://t.co/JMstMj 73 Ih

Let me know if you have any questions. More info below: pic.twitter.com/1YAYa8HNqd

— William Chyr (@WilliamChyr) August 29, 2019

Superliminal is a game developed by Pillow Castle, while Airborne Kingdom is a simulator that will allow you to build flying cities. Finally, The Eternal Cylinder is a survival game by the developers of Zeno Clash.

Most of these games will also come on consoles, therefore the exclusivity concerns only the PC versions. The release dates have yet to be announced.

Source: Eurogamer.net


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