Next 20 February the Fortnite players will welcome the second Season of Fortnite, now in Chapter 2. We have seen how the kids of Epic Games managed to close the first chapter with a bang, unleashing a real black hole that sucked the entire game world, blade included. There are therefore high expectations for the semi-sequel to the popular battle royale, which will receive another series of implementations in the coming season, including an important technical update based on the physics system Chaos and, of course, a shower of new content.

Speaking of rain, another cataclysm could soon hit the world of Fortnite …

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2: Destructibility Mission

Starting from this month and, more precisely, from the release of the update 11. 50 , Fortnite will adopt the new Unreal Engine engine Chaos for in-game physics management. At the moment we have no evidence of the improvements that this system can introduce, except for a 'small' novelty that could make significant changes to the game formula.

According to rumors, the developers would be using the Chaos Engine to increase the level of destructibility of the structures. On the screen, this translates into buildings that will collapse after being hit by bullets, grenades or missiles: each structural element will shatter in a realistic way, presumably.

A first demonstration image was released on Twitter by the HYPEX leaker:

So i was right, the next Season is delayed to February 20 th, and Epic will be switching to “Chaos physics engine” which allows the build to collapse if it gets shot or exploded instead of disappearing .. like the Images show below!

– HYPEX – Fortnite Leaks & News (@HYPEX) January 24, 2020

If the physical engine meets these expectations, Fortnite users will finally take advantage of the surrounding environment to bring into play new and ingenious tactics, both in the defensive phase than in the offensive one. We will carefully follow any developments.

'NOAH': will a universal flood hit Fortnite?

Remember the black hole that engulfed the game at the end of Chapter 1? Even in the second chapter we could witness a devastating cataclysm; a huge flood , perhaps.

On Reddit, the user jtlambert reports the discovery of a hidden message in the Holly Hills area of ​​the Fortnite map: the dirt road, the fences and the large house present in this area would form the word 'NOAH' , Noah . The reference to the biblical patriarch, creator of the notorious ark, could suggest the imminent arrival of a sort of universal flood.

It is difficult to know if the alleged flood will be part of a new event linked to Season 2 or if it will represent the second, spectacular conclusion of the current Fortnite chapter. In any case, for developers it could be the right opportunity to expand the mechanics related to swimming and, more generally, to the aquatic element . In this way Epic Games' battle royale will shorten the distance with the rival PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, whose maps boast huge expanses of water that influence the exploratory component of the game.

Anyone ever notice this spells “NOAH”? from r / FortNiteBR

Among the other possible innovations that will be implemented in Season 2 there is also talk of a new one, a 'Rapid-Fire SMG' which could suggest the arrival of a submachine gun – or the return of an SMG already present in the first chapter , why not. We could even get our hands on a new type of material, Gold, of which some objects discovered by data miners would be composed.

Remember, it will be 20 February the day in which we will welcome Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 2 and in which we will have any confirmations on the rumors just listed.


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