The mode promises to be a really interesting experience.

The Coalition obviously wants to make Gears 5 the next big step forward for the franchise and although we still have to see what the campaign will offer us, at least as far as the multiplayer component is concerned, we already know many of the innovations that await us.

The new main addition is probably Escape , the cooperative mode for three players that will see you place a bomb in a beehive and escape before you also get rid of it

In a new trailer published by the official Twitter account of the game, we get a quick look at what we can't expect to see in Escape. The team of three players starts with just a gun and some bullets and initially you will have to rely on stealth and then get more weapons and resources by killing enemies and even exploring the hive.

There are three characters that you can play: the Keegan support class (whose main ability is Resupply), the Lahni scout class (Electroblade) and the Tank Mac class (which can launch a barrier as a skill). Successfully getting out of the hive will earn you rewards like customizations, skill cards and XP. The difficulty of the hive will determine which rewards you will get.

Escape is a 3 player co-op mode where teamwork and adaptability is your best chance to take the Swarm and get out alive!

Here's everything you need to know about Escape in # Gears5 .

— Gears of War ( @GearsofWar) August 13, 2019

Recently, we also looked at Map Builder of Escape.

Gears 5 has recently completed development and will be released on Xbox One and PC the 10 September. The 19 August, we will receive more details from his “brand new” Horde mode, as well as his campaign footage.

Source: Gamingbolt .


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