The mobile game is accused of plagiarism.

Glorious Saga is a game for mobile devices made by the Asian studio Sina Games , and now it is in the spotlight due to a complaint game nothing less than Blizzard itself.

The game, a free to play for mobile devices, it would in fact be a copy of World of Warcraft . Blizzard's complaint dates back to 16 August, for which Sina Games will go to court as its plagiarism would severely damage Blizzard and his image. The accusation is that he copied the Warcraft series, including World of Warcraft assets, including audio tracks, vehicles, creatures, animals, objects.

Even the names were reused without not even too many variations, all in a completely abusive manner. Needless to say, the app icon recalls Word of Warcraft a little too clearly.

Chinese developers have not commented on the incident, so all that remains is to await developments. What do you think?

Source: Kotaku


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