The success of Minecraft is one of those phenomena that will be remembered and studied in the times to come. The strength of this game is certainly not the graphics, but all the rest . The gaming experience, especially appreciated by very young (but not only), he took the title to win numerous prizes, and in many agree in saying that it is one of the most “influential” games of the history. In short, like it or not, there are very few titles that can boast a follow-up so widespread.

However, fans of the game must take into account a cold shower, as also reported by HotHardware : Minecraft Super Duper Graphics Pack , announced e promised in 2017 , it will no longer be developed due to technical problems. The developers, despite having worked hard, failed to solve some technical problems related to the new graphics, especially for the impossibility to guarantee the implementation of the update on all devices. In other words: the new graphics do not “run well” on all possible devices on which it is assumed that Minecraft can be played.

The developers, however, try to reassure disappointed fans stating that the work simply proceeds in another way, perhaps in steps smaller but the news will arrive, even on the graphic front. They also exist third-party tool for those who just can't see the same graphic anymore.

A very personal consideration remains, of which the editor of this one news takes responsibility: but it was time to bet so much on graphic with the new and already dead update, when the success of the title is almost totally disconnected from this aspect?


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