Father Robert Ballecer is the Jesuit priest to whom we owe the first server of Minecraft del Vaticano . The curious project of Ballecer involves the creation of a virtual space “less toxic” than those used by players of the most popular online titles, including the same Minecraft. The Mojang sandbox will soon include a world in which it will be possible to give vent to one's own creativity, in which to create a community and, therefore, to build bonds.

The Vatican embraces Minecraft: the idea of ​​Father Ballecer

Ex-IT consultant of Silicon Valley and ex-tech blogger, the Jesuit priest Robert R. Ballecer boasts a respectable curriculum regarding technology. Ballecer has therefore chosen to import this knowledge into another sphere, the theological one, promoting an initiative by the Vatican that will lead to the launch of some of the most popular video game servers of the moment

According to a poll launched on Twitter, it will be Minecraft the first title to host Father Ballecer's 'peaceful' server – and who knows, one day we might find one also in Team Fortress 2.

Ok … I want to spin up few servers in the Vatican for gamers who want a little less “toxic” and a bit more community.

What should be my first server?

– Br. Robert R. Ballecer, SJ (@padresj) 31 August 2019

That of Mojang certainly cannot be called one of the less welcoming games, having always promoted creativity and the concept of community. Nevertheless, in Minecraft there were episodes of harmful attitudes, such as those assumed by the players who practice the so-called griefing . In Father Ballecer's servers it will not be possible to irritate other users, nor will a player attempting to create something in the new virtual space be hindered

As the same explains Robert Ballecer to the Rome Reports microphones, in the Vatican server “you can invite people who want to be creative, who don't want to be toxic, and you can create an environment where users can express themselves and build a relationship; and this is the most important part. Basically, this is what I want to do with the server “.

The Vatican server Minecraft is already available for testing . For anyone who wants to experience Father Ballecer's ambitious formula, simply log in to minecraft.digitaljesuit.com and log in to the server, taking part in the new, non-toxic community.


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