The new update is coming on 14 August.

No Man's Sky Beyond will come 14 August, reports Hello Games, and on the occasion of the launch of the very important free update of the game, the creator of the title, Sean Murray, spoke about the innovations introduced and soon coming.

“We wanted to make what we called version 2.0 of the game” he declares. There is a way of saying in the comedy: “put a hat on a hat”. It is equivalent to when you have a funny concept, and instead of developing that concept, you add another, and then another, perhaps fun but unrelated things. You could get another laugh, but you won't get the attention of the public for long.

Simply put, it's kind of what was happening with No Man's Sky, says Murray. “We added the construction of bases, and it's like having added another block to the top of the game. Then the vehicles arrived, another block to put on top. When you introduce an element, you focus only on that thing without making it very cohesive. With Beyond, on the other hand, we have introduced many other innovations, such as the possibility of riding creatures, but we can also tame them and even milk them, with a new cooking system with which players can create new meals and even sell them, like a kind of Deliveroo space”.


The new Beyond update has therefore had the aim of introducing new elements in a more cohesive way.

What do you expect from No Man's Sky Beyond?

Source: Kotaku


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