The company founder and president, Tyrone Rodriguez, was accused.

Nicalis , an independent developer and publisher known for games like The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth and Cave Story , is the focus of a new report on the mistreatment of its employees and partners.

Speaking with Kotaku, seven developers who have ties to the independent house have made complaints against the company founder and president Tyrone Rodriguez , citing racism, abuse and exploitation.

In the chat logs provided to Kotaku by his anonymous sources, Rodriguez shows that he uses racist and homophobic language. According to a former employee, the publisher did not have a human resources department and complaints had to be raised directly with his CEO.

In another charge, the employees were warned by Rodriguez for too much free time to go to appointments with the doctor or to visit sick relatives. Some also claim that Nicalis removed the names of a number of former employees from the credits of the projects they had worked on, after they left the company. And these are just some of the accusations made against the company.


Edmund McMillen , developer behind some of the publisher's best-known titles – from The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth to The End Is Nigh – has now announced who will no longer work with Nicalis in the future.

The development and publication of games is a dream for almost the staff 20 people working at Nicalis, Inc. , “Nicalis said in a note in response to the report. “ Some members of our team have worked with the company for almost a decade and we are working hard to create an environment in which we treat members of our studio with respect “.

We do not forgive bad working environments or abusive discrimination and we have people from all walks of life, we hope for the continued success of our internal team and our external developers . “

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Source: Kotaku Rockpapershotgun .


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