The European division does not want to offer free repairs or refunds.

You are in possession of a Nintendo Switch and are struggling with the common problem of Joy-Con Drifting ? Unfortunately there is still no good news if you were waiting for a free repair.

As reported by a ReseEra user, the European division of the large N continues to refuse free repairs (or refunds) for those in possession of faulty pairs of pads

For the uninitiated, with Joy-With Drifting we refer to the problem that sees Switch receiving input from a pair of defective pads even though the analog sticks are in neutral position. This causes a continuous movement on the screen, which can only be stopped with a new input.

The problem seems quite common, so much so as to start a class action . Later, Nintendo of America replied that it would refund the users : replacement of the defective Joy-Con defective would cost 40 dollars, but the American division of the large N seemed determined to offer reimbursements.

Unfortunately, in Europe, a very different situation arises: the French user who reported the news, claims that Nintendo has refused to repair the faulty Joy-Con for free, asking for a payment of 45 Euro (or (15 Euro to send it back if you don't accept the quote).


What do you think of this situation? Have you had similar problems with the assistance of Nintendo?

Source: ResetEra .


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