David Cage talks about the PC versions of Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human.

Since the release of 2010 by Heavy Rain, Quantic Dream and its titles have been strongly associated with the platforms PlayStation but recently the company broke away from Sony and started the collaboration with NetEase to publish games for other platforms. The result of this collaboration is the PC release of Heavy Rain , Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit via Epic Games Store

In a recent interview with David Cage of Quantic Dream with DualShockers, it was learned how important this change is for the developer. It became clear that Quantic Dream was “ thinking about where we wanted to go with the company for some time ” and that interrupting the launching games exclusively on PlayStation platforms would have allowed them to “ work on different platforms and reach players around the world “.

David Cage confirmed that Quantic Dream had actually tried to expand and get rid of PlayStation's exclusivity from “ about two years before the Detroit release “and that” after working exclusively with PlayStation for 12 years, we thought it was the right time to separate “. Among the reasons for the separation: “ we also thought that the landscape would change in the coming years, with the birth of new platforms, 5G and Cloud Play “.

He then revealed Quantic's aspirations Dream to become “ a 'boutique' publisher ” in the coming years because “ as developers themselves, we also believe we understand the developers “. As an independent publisher, Quantic Dream “ will support some titles claiming originality and high quality, while providing technical and industrial support “.

A drastic change for a developer is not an easy thing, since Quantic Dream had to find the best partners. David Cage explained that Quantic Dream “ met with many publishers and financiers potentially interested in investing in the company ” before settling with NetEase . “ They understood the ambition we had for the study and we felt that there were some very interesting strategic synergies among our companies “.

While Quantic Dream has decided to part with Sony, there does not seem to be bad blood between the companies. “ We have always had good relations with Sony PlayStation. They have always been very supportive of my work and in return we have always been very loyal to them. So we talked very openly about everything and they allowed us to publish our catalog of titles on PC “.

David Cage also has revealed that Quantic Dream “ spent a year working on porting our games, optimizing engines and redesigning controls, to make our titles accessible to all PC players . ” Since the games were developed with PS3 or PS4 only, there were some problems to be solved to make the controls and the code work properly. “ When we developed the PlayStation versions, all the code was native to PlayStation, optimized to work best on that platform. We also designed the interface for the PlayStation controller, as we have always wanted to support the platform as much as possible. All these advantages we have had on PlayStation have become challenges in porting on PC “, underlined Cage.

Not wanting to do” direct porting without paying attention to the differences between the platforms “, Quantic Dream has taken the time to recreate their PC classics. Over the past year, Quantic Dream has taken steps to “ reformat the engine, making sure it works well on low-end PCs and in 4K to 60 fps on high-end PC, with updated assets “and for change “ the interface so that the games adapt to the keyboard and mouse, as well as to different types of controllers “.


David Cage states that Quantic Dream is “ really satisfied of the result “of their work on these PC portings on Epic Games Store and revealed to be” very satisfied with the current figures of [Heavy Rain], which are in line with our expectations . ” believes that Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit will do well in the long term on the Epic store

Finally Cage explains: “ Quantic Dream is no longer an exclusive study of any platform, so yes, unless there are specific exclusivity agreements based on the title, all our games will be published on all platforms at the time of launch “.

Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls are already available on PC through Epic Games Store, while Detroit: Become Human will be released on the Epic store by the end of the year

Source: Dualshockers .


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