The accuser is an employee, Meg Jayanth.

Yet another independent developer is facing a sex scandal. The designer Meg Jayanth accused the creator of Cultis Simulator , Alexis Kennedy to have had a predatory behavior. In addition to this Jayanth allegedly stated that it was well known in the gaming industry.

Jayanth, who worked as a screenwriter for games like Sable, 80 Days and Horizon: Zero Dawn, published his accusations through a long Twitter thread. As part of the thread, he claimed that while Kennedy's behavior was a thing known in the industry, the creator had had revenge episodes against those who had tried to speak in the past, even coming to threats.

I am talking now because I am finally in a position where I can do it and I can protect others “, said Jayanth in one of the tweets . “ I will not provide names or details publicly because those are not my stories to share, but I believe and trust the large number of people involved ” . Despite not having undermined any of the other victims, Jayanth confirmed that he was one of them.

An anon account has been naming abusers in the games industry. Alexis Kennedy is one of them. I can't speak to you, but Alexis is a well-known predator in the games industry. I have been warning people about him for years.

– meg jayanth (@betterthemask) August 28, 2019

Kennedy, after reading these tweets, immediately declared himself innocent: “I had a small number of consensual sexual relations with some people in the industry. Everything else is false and I have already taken legal action through a complaint of defamation “.

I deny this.

I have had a

I have taken legal advice and I am making a police complaint about what seems to be a campaign of harassment.

– Alexis Kennedy? (@alexiskennedy) August 28 , 2019

The charges against Kennedy are just the latest in a series that has shaken the industry in recent times. Recently, the creator of Night in the Woods Alec Holowka was accused of abuse by Quest Zoe Quinn .

Source: Game Revolution


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