A demo that should be shown to the public shortly.

We are still waiting to see some new video material for The Last of Us Part II , but it seems that to short could arrive a new gameplay demo never seen before and shown in preview to a GameStop Managers Show .

According to a person who attended the show, the demo featured a “stealth” and very “dark” gameplay apparently never published elsewhere in the past.

In the game movie, you would see Ellie using the clickers to her advantage, which seems to suggest that we can use them to attack other human enemies who hunt the protagonist.

All I can say is that the gameplay was about the stealth and the way you can use clickers to your advantage , “reads the account tweet” Gaming Forte “.

Gaming Forte said that the gameplay” took place in a dark environment: only the fire and few lights illuminated the environment “. Although he declined to comment on possible updates or comparisons with the E3 footage 2018, he said the title “ will surely be fantastic in HDR “.

OMG !!! Last of Us Part II? pic.twitter.com/GlC8D0U7XC

— Gaming Forte @ GameStop #GMEConference 2019 (@Gaming_Forte) August 27, 2019

According to the Twitter account, it seems that we will soon see this demo, even if it did not communicate precisely when.

What do you say?

The Last of Us Part II does not yet have a release date but, according to rumors, will arrive at the beginning of 2020.

Source: Gamepur .


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