Paradox Interactive has officially unveiled the first faction of Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 : the Pioneers. Not to be confused with a vampire clan, a faction is composed of a group of vampires united under the same flag, some more closely related than others. In Bloodlines 2, the factions of the Kindred of Seattle compete for control of the city and each has its own history, characteristics and motivations. Choosing which factions to create, destroy or fight can have a dramatic impact on Seattle's future.

We therefore report the official press release Koch Media with all the details on the new faction:

I Pioneers were among the first to settle and govern Seattle. Led by Lou Grand, the prince who has reigned longer in the area, their control over the city has weakened in recent years. They are a group of individuals from different clans, who see Seattle as the last frontier, a city without a secular power structure and a place to shape one's future. “We have created this city and we will not allow anyone to forget it,” – Lou Grand.


The Pioneers are passionate and have a strong independent spirit, but refuse to identify themselves as a hot-headed Anarchist. The Pioneers dream of ruling the city again and have been forced to accept the rules of others. However, some Pioneers have been allowed to retain control over some smaller parts of Seattle.


· Past Glories – After building the city, many of Lou's vampires fell in love with their memories and what was once Seattle. Since they have known each other for a long time, they are profoundly loyal. The Pioneers fight with their nails and teeth to preserve all that remains of their old world.

· The Insider's Club – The Pioneers have ruled Seattle for quite some time, something that never happened on the west coast. Having lost so much over the past 20 years, they have become skeptical of changes in the world and fussy about any beginner who wants to join them ranks.

· Old Money – To govern a city for more than a century leads to accumulate many riches. The Pioneers' money would make it possible to acquire considerable influence almost everywhere in the world. In the modern city of Seattle, on the other hand, this is irrelevant.


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